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Gaddafi Predicted the New Cold War in 2009 (VIDEO)

Washington killed the messenger. As usual.

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Amongst responsible western taxpayers, the name "Muammar Gaddafi" is synonymous with Hitler multiplied by anus herpes. Nevermind that Gaddafi turned a backwards, illiterate nation of slaves (literally, slaves, whipped into obedience by a western-backed monarch-monster) into the most educated, prosperous nation in North Africa. Before the glorious "civil war", Libya enjoyed a higher standard of living than two-thirds of the planet — including your beloved mother Russia.

And in an incredible, prophetic interview from 2009, Gaddafi told a Russian television crew that Ukraine would be ground zero of a new cold war between Washington and Moscow. In 2009! That was when even Moscow was masturbating furiously to the prospects of a new "reset" with the west.

<figcaption>Killed for not bending the knee</figcaption>
Killed for not bending the knee

No wonder Hillary Clinton murdered Gaddafi. He was too smart for his own good.

Watch the whole interview. Otherwise you won't appreciate how prophetic and scary his observations really were:

Now he's dead.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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