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Kiev Seeks Artists Doing Charity Work in East Ukraine as Criminals

Ukraine secret police puts them on its list of wanted persons

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

With each passing day the Ukraine government’s true colors become more exposed for the world to see…or at least citizens of the world who are not under the zombie spell of western main stream media.

This time, the Ukrainian secret police, or SBU, is listing all artists who travel to the Donbass (East Ukraine) for charity shows and events as wanted criminals…western democracy in action!

Speaking about Ukraine’s new found desire to criminalise artists and entertainers, Vasily Vovk, head of the SBU main investigation department, said Sunday on 112 TV channel (via TASS News Agency):

“They [artists and entertainers] all have been included in a special register and put on a wanted list,” Vovk said when asked what actions the SBU is taking against Russian artists who perform in Donbass.

Russian singer Yulia Chicherina in early January visited the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk with a charity concert.

Singer Iosif Kobzon, actors Mikhail Porechenkov, Ivan Okhlobystin and Alexey Panin, as well as other actors and performers, have visited the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics.

Let’s not forget the two flags that fly in front of Kiev’s SBU headquarters:

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