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Blast in Kiev, Then Two More Bombs Disarmed - No Casualties

Ukraine's 2nd and 3rd cities, Kharkov and Odessa, have been frequent sights of explosions since start of armed conflict in Ukraine, but this is a first for the capital

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KIEV, April 2 (TASS) - An explosion has occurred in central Kiev near the National Aviation University (NAU), the Ukrainian media reported on Thursday.

"In the morning of April 2, an explosion took place near a pharmacy at a transport stop NAU," the UNN news agency reported.

<figcaption>Blast rocks downtown Kiev, no casualties reported</figcaption>
Blast rocks downtown Kiev, no casualties reported

Bomb disposal experts of the Interior Ministry are working at the scene. No casualties have been reported.

TASS has yet no official confirmation of the information.

KIEV, April 2 (TASS) - Two more explosive devices have been found in Kiev after an explosion occurred on Thursday morning causing no injuries, reports the Ukrainian TV channel citing the Kiev police.

"Law enforcers have found two more devices, the information on the exact place is not yet disclosed," the city police told the 112 TV channel.

Earlier on Thursday, an explosion occurred in downtown Kiev near the entrance to a bank. No casualties were reported in the incident.

The blast wave damaged the metal-plastic constructions and the windows.

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