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Ukrainian Martial Law Bill Could Pave the Way for Internment Camps to Detain "Anti-Ukrainians"

The horrific legislation could also lead to:

  • comprehensive curfews
  • confiscation of private housing
  • banning of peaceful gatherings and demonstrations
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The article originally appeared at RT Deutsch. Translated for RI by Kristina Aleshnikova


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has spoken in parliament (Verkhovna Rada) in favor of Bill 2451 “On the Legal Regime of Martial Law.” This paves the way for comprehensive curfews as well as the construction of internment camps for “citizens whose native country threatens or is already actively participating in aggression against Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian head of state submitted the document regarding an update to the legal regulation of martial law to parliament on April 3.

The draft, faithful to the Western orientation of its responsible legislative body, stipulates among other things the establishment of internment camps for those “citizens” living in Ukraine whose country of origin threatens or is already actively participating in “aggression against Ukraine.”

A further point that would be covered by the revised martial law would be the introduction of mandatory community service for all able-bodied persons.

In addition, martial law would include expropriation of private or communal property for the needs of the state in defense operations.

Even peaceful gatherings, rallies, marches, and demonstrations could be banned under the reformed martial law.

The bill is also directed against political parties and social organizations that are focused on the “destruction of the independence of Ukraine, the change of the constitutional order by force,” or that “violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, undermine its security, and endanger public health.”

The law also allows for an extension of the curfew and restrictions on entry to and exit from Ukraine as well as a restriction on the right of temporary and permanent residence.

The confiscation of private housing, removal of heads of companies for “dereliction of duty,” and special rules for the manufacture and sale of certain medicines would also be possible if the bill becomes law.




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MORE: Ukraine

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