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Karma: Passingly Attractive Lesbians Beat Up by Minority Men; Pen Article Blaming Whitey

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Most of us are well acquainted with the recent attack against a lesbian couple on London public transit. Well, a few days ago one of those young lesbians attacked (“Chris”) penned an op-ed with the Guardian. That op-ed, needless to say, constituted a genuinely bizarre screed replete with the most naked and shameless virtue signaling imaginable, and incorporated every progressive buzzword ever conceived.

The real problem, according to these confused, young, gay leftist ideologues, isn’t violence against innocent victims, here innocent gay victims, the real problem is “white privilege” and “white silence” or something. According to the author, it has “always has been and still is open season on the bodies of of people of colour, indigenous people, transgender people, disabled people, queer people, poor people, women and migrants.” The statistics do not bear her out, of course. Relative to their numbers, people of color are, statistically speaking, far more likely to victimize whites, than vice versa. But then, I think she knows that deep down, or at least should by now. Likewise, “migrants” are not innocent victims. They are the aggressors when they attempt to invade a sovereign country in defiance of its laws and democracy.

Let me say moreover, that we do not know the race or background of the perpetrators in this case, not with any certainty anyway. Nevertheless, given that these young anti-white lesbians have not once mentioned the race of the perpetrators, and given that they were in London on public transit, and given that local law enforcement seems to be aggressively withholding the mugshots of the assailants, it is pretty safe to conclude that the perpetrators are principally non-white. So, one might be wondering what this all is about, why on Earth these young ladies would pen such a ridiculous op-ed? I will therefore offer my insight.

These young women are naturally experiencing strong feelings of rage. Feeling rage after a vicious assault is quite normal and natural, and the proper target of those feelings would be the young non-white hoodlums responsible for this heinous crime. The problem is, in Cultural Marxist la la land, holding non-whites accountable for their wrongdoing is not cool. Nonetheless, that rage has to land somewhere, and so instead of blaming the people actually responsible for their plight, these young leftist lesbians are blaming those they are allowed to blame. And hating whitey is more than just permissible here in the modern West, it is downright advisable. The more you hate on whitey, the more righteous you are, and the more woke you become.

Notice the t-shirt promoting violence against "neo-fascists" with a graphic of a klan-hood superimposed on a image of a minuteman.

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Along with rage, these young women also feel guilt for their rage. You see, in the Cultural Marxist weltanschauung, non-whites are eternally innocent, no matter their wrongdoing. That is why these young women feel guilty for detesting the young men who brutalized them. We have before us then a strange cousin of Stockholm Syndrome, unique to white leftists in the modern West. It is a bizarre mixture of gutlessness and irrationality. You see, in order to compensate for their feelings of guilt over being enraged, these young women are showing solidarity with “oppressed”, “fragile” brown bodies. By doing so they believe they can atone for their impure feelings. It is truly pathological behavior, akin to the type of suicidal altruism one can observe in many Western peoples in recent years, whereby whites sacrifice their nations, their lands, their children, their resources, anything really, to prove how not racist they are. Nevertheless, it is real, I assure you, and it is almost certainly what was behind that nutty op-ed.

Interestingly, as bizarre as this op-ed may read, this is par for the course for everyday leftists (Cultural Marxist ideologues). No matter who is really to blame, whitey is to blame. According to the author, “Chris”, our “capitalist, patriarchical, white supremacist system” is preventing people like Muhlaysia Booker from living a life of freedom and safety. Muhlaysia Booker’s killer was not white (he was black like Booker), but then neither were her assailants. Why should that stop leftist nutjobs from blaming whitey? You can’t let those pesky little facts get in the way of a good narrative. And never mind the fact that both non-whites and LGBT folks are far safer in majority white nations than they are in majority non-white nations elsewhere around the globe. These people are being oppressed by whitey gosh darn it, and you’d better believe it or you’re a homophobic, cisgender fascist. It’s all a bit tiresome at this point, isn’t it?

Responses to this young lady’s op-ed were largely positive on Twitter and around the web. But why? It is the height of absurdity to be victimized by one people and to go about vilifying another. It is like a right-winger blaming hispanics for the actions of Dylann Roof. It makes zero sense. Their conduct thus requires a thoughtful explanation. The explanation is thus: These women needed an outlet for their rage. They found an outlet for their rage in the perennially oppressive white man, exactly the type of man who did not actually victimize them, but the optimal target in the modern West (since there are no social costs and only social benefits for demonizing him), and the quintessential hobgoblin haunting everything decent and good in this fallen, socially unjust world. Moreover, they feel guilt over hating and faulting their non-white perpetrators for their wrongful deeds. In order to discharge those feelings of guilt, they are expressing solidarity with their captors and abusers. Moreover, their egalitarian fantasies have just been mugged by reality. Non-ideologues, when confronted with novel data, change their views, but ideologues are more likely to become defensive, to cling to their beliefs, and to bury themselves deeper in their ideology. So that is what they’ve done. Instead of reconsidering their worldview, they are reaffirming it via the rite and spectacle of published grandiloquence. All adaptation is hard, especially intellectual adaptation. Bigotry, on the other hand, is easy. It is all perfectly illogical, yet it is all perfectly human, psychologically speaking, and all perfectly representative of the political left. This is actually how the political left has been reacting to reality for some time now.

You see, for many years, the left has been looking around and watching horrible things happen, to themselves, to others, and to Western civilization as a whole. We all have. I mean, just look at California! Ten year olds putting condoms on dildos in sex ed, homeless people everywhere, defecating all over everything. Yet every year, California’s politics seem to become ever more extreme and ever more detached from the hideous reality of their consequences. The more leftism fails, the more leftists become convinced that they just need to go farther, be purer, push harder, to finally achieve utopia. They will never see the world they dream, I promise you. Nobody sane can deny that our civilization is in moral and intellectual freefall. However, the left’s ideological and moral system prevents it from holding the real culprits responsible. As a result, the true victims of diversity worship, and legalized bankster theft, and Cultural Marxist tyranny (white Westerners) repeatedly get blamed for all that is going wrong in the West. Because after all, whites, especially white males, are really the only ones you’re allowed to blame. Every other group is protected by political correctness or hate speech laws or some other illegitimate form of power meant to preserve the status quo.

So, no matter what the press may tell you, these young women are neither noble nor principled. They are not people anybody should look up to. Their conduct is the apex of cowardice and folly. We are not in the sordid shape we are in as a civilization because of white male oppressors, we are in the sordid shape we are in because half of Western civilization refuses to look a problem in the eye, namely that the people we are importing en masse haven’t the values, genes, temperament, or intellect to sustain the civilization we built. That’s the most serious problem we face. The second most serious problem we face today is that we don’t have governments that meaningfully represent us anymore, but no one can address everything plaguing the West in one opinion piece.

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Cultures are different. Religions are different. Races are different. They are different and they are unequal. You can’t address a problem until you acknowledge it. Now, how best to address that harsh reality is a difficult and complex question that does not lend itself to easy answers. Nevertheless, we can not simply go on ignoring reality indefinitely as a civilization. Blaming whites for the behavior of non-whites will not and can not solve anything. Oh, and it’s really, really, really racist. However, that’s not what’s wrong with it. What’s wrong with it, is that it is unbelievably stupid. Westerners should waste less energy trying to not be racist and should spend more energy trying to not be stupid. That’d go a long way toward delivering us from the sorry state we find ourselves in.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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