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Cambridge University Press Reluctant to Publish Putin-Bashing Screed

"If even natural born demonizers like the British recoil from publishing this slander, then it must be really bad"


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This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

We are pretty sure that Vladimir Putin has no cash problems, not that a president of Russia should be distracted by money problems. But the idea that Putin is ‘the richest man in the world’ and that money is his main motivation, that is a bridge too far for us. The Anglo demonization machine aka MSM picked up the work of a Karen Dawisha as a tool to further demonize everything Russia stands for. You really have to be an American to think that people can only be motivated by money and nothing else.

The real mission in life of Vladimir Putin is to guarantee the Russian people a future within current boundaries, prevent dismemberment of his country organized by NWO-Anglosphere and to bring about a Grand Alliance with Europe and make Russia fit for the 21st century. Which means: keeping China out of Siberia. Putin doesn’t care about private money. He is past sixty, you can’t take your wealth with you in the grave and there is no potential for a Putin dynasty. Putin lives a very sober life, cares about fitness, not consuming. He wants to secure his place in the history books and boy, he will.

And since we European right-wingers remember very well that Europe ruled this planet between 1492 and 1945 as a set of five or so mid-sized competing European nations, we are kind of thrilled at the prospect that we can potentially rollback the 1945 Anglo-Soviet imposed inconveniences like communism and multiculturalism, just by being nice to Vladimir Putin. And by avoiding too much European infighting, keep the euro and found a Euro-Siberian confederation of 700 million or so. A confederation that is less imposing than the EU, but enough to balance China and intervene in North-America, once the opportunity arises (much of the US one big Baltimore after the fall of the $) and bring a substantial part of our people (Middle America, Canada) living there home, in a spiritual sense that is, as member of the “European Ummah“. Not that we want to rule the world again, been there, done that. Keeping the third world out is more than enough, thank you very much. Why go to Africa again, if you can go to Mars, which is new and far more challenging, glamorous and interesting.

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But Mrs Dawisha’s publisher has got cold feet. She has just received this letter (posted in full below) from Cambridge University Press, saying that the legal risk of publishing the book is too great:

“given the controversial subject matter of the book, and its basic premise that Putin’s power is founded on his links to organised crime, we are not convinced that there is a way to rewrite the book that would give us the necessary comfort.”

Editor: if even natural born demonizers like the British recoil from publishing this slander, than it must be really bad.

The woman has her exotic name from her marriage to a Baghdad born US groupie, Adeed Dawisha, who in 2003 opined that “U.S. victory certain, Iraqi native believes”


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