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Just Quoting Hillary is Enough to Make Her Seem Ridiculous - Russian TV

She's her own worst enemy

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Her former security guards say she smells like sulphur - doesn't surprise us at all

Yet more evidence that the best thing Hillary can do for herself is stay out of the limelight.

In this gem, Russian TV news simply reports verbatim, what Hillary said in London, with particular emphasis on the look on her face when she said it.

Please watch the video to see her demeanor and facial expressions - they are priceless, as is her pink plaid suit.

The Russian TV reporter just deadpans their way through it.

We have no idea how he kept a straight face.

(Full transcript below video)


(Shot of RT advertising on London bus stop which reads:  "Stuck in traffic? Lost a vote? Blame it on us!")

"Posters of the Russian channel RT, Russia Today, didn't go unnoticed in London, as it turns out.

But if light-hearted Londoners took these words with a smile, the same can't be said about the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton came to the UK for a literary festival to present her book titled "What Happened". But it turns out that for her, the main question is different: who's at fault for her losing the US Presidential Election to Donald Trump?

According to Clinton, it's Moscow ...

And RT's posters, from her standpoint, are just another confirmation:

Hillary Clinton:

"Maybe you've even seen an ad in the London Underground from one of Russia's sources of state propaganda. With a defying statement:"

"Watch RT, and find out who we'll hack next".

"Russia's weapons aren't only tanks and rockets.

I'd like to make myself clear: it's a new form of Cold War."

Clinton's speech drew additional attention to the Russian channel's posters, and an outburst of discussion on social media.

Tweet "I used to think no one jokes better than us, but Russians are also pretty good."

Tweet: "Give Russia Today a chance, and get a different spin on the news, then the elite BBC and Sky."

Tweet:  "I'm not a fan of Russia Today, but these sarcastic ads are brilliant."

This isn't RT's first ad campaign in the West, but up until now, politicians chose not to fight the posters.

Especially, since Clinton's accusations against the Russian channel only confirm what the posters are saying."

There is something seriously wrong with this woman
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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