BROKEN IN: Defanged by Russians John Kerry Is Now Praising Them (Video)

John Kerry has been reduced to praising Moscow for thwarting his deadly Syria plans

John Kerry wanted to be Hillary Clinton.

Just like Hillary Clinton got to bomb Libya into oblivion so John Kerry wanted to bomb Syria.

Hillary Clinton had toppled Gaddafi and unraveled the Libyan state, John Kerry would topple Assad and unravel the Syrian state.

John Kerry did not get to be Hillary Clinton.

Between the reluctance of the American people to get behind another war and a timely Russian diplomatic intervention a US bombing campaign that seemed imminent in August-September 2013 was called off.

John Kerry will not get to be Hillary Clinton.

Since the Russians have moved in outright US war against the state of Syria has become impossible.

Having been thwarted in Syria by the Russians John Kerry at first pouted for several months.

However now it's April 2015. In less than a year he will be out of the door. It's time to put a positive spin on his "legacy" and highlight all the foreign policy successes he has delivered.

However the foreign policy successes of his era are largely Russian. Thus he is reduced to appropriating those as common US-Russian successes, but that exposes him to critique of hardliners (of which until a few short months ago he was the leader) for dealing with Moscow at all.

Thus Kerry finds himself in the highly unnatural position of having to defend and praise Russians themselves along with the deals he struck with them or with their aid.

Watch for yourself:

Partial transcript:

Now, everybody doubted, whether Russia would play any constructive role whatsoever with the respect to the cessation of hostilities.

And we got a cessation of hostilities. – Because they played a positive role. 

In fact if they hadn't done that, if they hadn't played a constructive role we would not have had an agreement with Iran.

If they hadn't played a constructive role [in 2013] we would not have gotten the chemical weapons out of Syria, they would be in the hands of ISIL today.

And if they hadn't played a constructive role we would not have gotten the cessation of hostilities or everybody at the table at Geneva.

But here's the million dollar question for Mr. Kerry: If Russians as, you say, were playing a constructive role in 2013 when they thwarted you in Syria, what role were you playing?