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Joe McCarthy Was a Homosexual and a Zionist, Funded by Jews - the Shocking Facts (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

In anticipation of a forthcoming documentary on the life of Roy Cohn, Jazz and James went down the rabbit hole on Joe McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and uncovered some very damning revelations about a method of political control in place since at least the early 1940s.

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Roy Cohn at age 27, 27. Just a young gay lawyer who was appointed by an older gay FBI man named J.

Edgar Hoover.

He met him in 1952 when he was even younger. I think he was 23 years old, Holder, when he met J. Edgar Hoover.

It's like I really I think that's the first time that Riken met. Did you really guys, you think that's it's gonna.

But that's not the whole story. During that meeting, as described by Bobby and J. Edgar, the historic face off between the head head Kennedys and Jaegar Hoover that transformed America, Hoover expressed admiration for KONE's aggressive and manipulative tactics and told Cohn to call me directly whenever he had information worth sharing. From that point on, Cohn and Hoover traded favors. A few stiff compliments, gifts.

Probably blood plasm, elaborate private dinners.

It quickly became Roy and Edgar. Hersh also describes Hoover as KONE's soon to be conciliatory. Mamma Mia. Hoover's recommendation to Cohn would become a deciding factor in the appointment as Senator Joe McCarthy's general counsel at age 27. Right. It's like, yeah. Roy Cohn made his qualified man for the job, I'm sure. Yeah. Roy Cohn made his name as prosecutor for Senator Joe McCarthy and trial in the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Through his father, you know, people say, oh, well, his dad was a New York state Supreme Court justice and came from an extremely wealthy family. This is surely how the connection was made. Well, we'll tell you how the connection was made. It's not. It's not just it's not just that these guys knew each other.

It's not just that these guys were homosexual and probably both involved in some sordid, disgusting way. There's another go between and it goes back to an even earlier sort of how do we say political criminal alliance, some sort of structure. But let's talk about this here with McCarthy, because I don't know how many people, or at least for a while, you know, McCarthy, because he in a very similar way to Trump. He was he was loathed by both sides of the kosher dialectic because of how hard he went.

And because of how hard he went on communism. And he went so hard on the communism. A lot of people thought, oh, yeah, this guy is a is a brooding anti-Semite and he's just out to get the Jews. Right, James?

I mean, I, I sort of had I had this opinion.

I don't remember the last time I really even thought much about Joe McCarthy. But, you know, the reality of McCarthy is much different from what we're told to believe, isn't it? I mean, I'm sure there are people who disagreed with the tactics that were taken by Cohen and McCarthy. And certainly there are I mean, ended up with the Rosenbergs in the electric chair. But, yeah, I mean, what was your opinion on McCarthy? Like, when did you first because you hear it in Republican politics, like, oh, that's McCarthyism, like these McCarthyite politics. And we can't go back to that sort of inquisition style of rhetoric.


Well, the way that it always worked or that it worked for me anyways was that you would hear about it in school as this horrible dark time in American history where where Jews were being targeted for no reason at all and being accused of espionage and crimes and treason.

And this is virulent. I mean, so on and so forth. It wasn't that heavy handed, but that's basically what you're supposed to take away from it. And then you hear Republicans and Republicans have actually, as of late taking this up not so much in the last year or two, but in the last decade they would take this up as an ode on the Democrats. Right. They would say that, you know, these Democrat witch hunts, it's feeling a lot like McCarthyism, which is evil, right, guys? And so then you're direct and you hate. Of course, you know, these Republicans suck. These are the same never Trump types that we talked about it in the first hour. And so then you reflexively are like, all right, well, let's look at McCarthy. Did he put these Jews in the electric chair? He he prosecuted communists. He was rooting out communist influence. Therefore, he must be a good guy. All right. So I'm reflexively going to defend McCarthy to to own the own these people who I know suck. I'm not gonna look into McCarthy too much. And, of course, you know, there's reason for that. Well, OK, look.

And what if McCarthy was just a witch, just a stupid neocon who was preventing leftists in America from bringing around, you know, universal health care and train transportation and everything? And it was that you just an idiot rightists who got in the way of all that. Right? I mean, that's that's the other the flip side of of getting involved in the kosher dialectic signal.

The reality is McCarthy was a Zionist. Yet he was also a homosexual and his two biggest defenders were a guy by the name of Ralph de Toll and Dano Toledano, a journalist and subparts Jew and rabbi. Benjamin Jealous Schultz was opposed to both Nazis and communism, founding the American Jewish League against communism.

The A.J. L a c in 1948. Both Toledano and Schultz have numerous defenses of McCarthy against accusations of anti-Semitism. McCarthy's admiration for Rabbi Schulz was reciprocal. Of course it was. And he was the keynote speaker at an April 1955 dinner in Shultz's honor. At that dinner, McCarthy delivered a very philos Semitic speech, riveted upon the ideological, yawning gap between Jews as champions of liberty, whom communists were determined to destroy. Hence the eternal hostility between Judaism and communism. My God, dude. This is just rich McCarthy. McCarthy noted that Rabbi Schulz and the A.G. LHC, quote, managed to explode the malicious myth that persons of the Jewish faith and communists have something in common.

It's just incredible.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, dude. And then he says Jewish people are congenital enemies of communism. Those of the Jewish faith are historically champions of liberty. They are traditionally jealous guardians of an individual's freedom, political, economic and social. These things communism is determined to destroy and remember to the persons of the Jewish faith, have by forces of circumstances a vested big vested interest in tolerance, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. It's just incredible.

Yeah. I mean, you could maybe somebody wants to argue.

Maybe so there's some like McCarthy plan trustor out there who wants to argue that, oh, this is the reason we had to do it.

He had to say this. I mean, in front of.

It's like. Stop it. Just stop it.

We have sworn testimony talking about McCarthy being a homosexual and the fact that McCarthy is very close to Chaker Hoover, who's very close with Roy Cohn, who's radio host with Arthur Finkelstein.

I mean, all of this is then they're all homosexuals. It's like. I mean, what do you you know? And then then we haven't even gotten to everything else since some sort of teasing this out, because I'm sure there are people are like, but dude, you're not telling those story. Oh, just wait. Just wait.

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