'Like a Jewish Wedding List, I Tell You, Oy!': Zerohedge Comment On Hillary's Top Donor List

The neocons have bought and paid for her 100 times over, and Zerohedge has the best commenters on the internet

Zerohedge does it again.  


The 200+ comments, presented here after the list, made within 4 hours of publishing, are the best part.

Hillary is fantastically vulnerable to the charge of being a complete and total sellout to Wall Street.

We predict that Trump will destroy her.

From Zerohedge:

While the media's focus following the leaked DNC documents by lone (and hardly a group of Russian operatives hacker "Guccifer2" has been understandably on the Democrats' documents in which they reveal they strategy how target Trump and his republican peers, what we found more interesting was the list of the candidate's mega donors, those who have provided $100,000 and above, as per the leaked confidential documents

For those interested in whose "generous" pocket Hillary Clinton will be found, if she is elected president, here is the answer.



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