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Jewish Privilege: Judge Hands Down 4 Years for Brawling with Antifa, Pedophile Rabbi Gets Only 1

Last month, two members of the New York chapter of the Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were sentenced for four years in prison related to a brawl last year near the Metropolitian Republican Club.

The men went to the venue to attend a comedy show by Gavin McInnes. When the event was over, masked anarchists ambushed them around a street corner, but the Proud Boys won the fight.

Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman

The NYPD did not arrest any of them on the night of the incident, as there were no victims or serious injuries. It was only after a social media campaign using footage from misleading angles taken by left-wing political activists Shay Horse (who is currently suing the police in Washington DC for arresting him during rallies at Trump’s inauguration) and Sandi Bachom that other activists in the media and New York political establishment ordered the police to act.

It’s hard to argue that men sneaking around in the shadows wearing baraclavas and refusing to talk to the police are “victims,” but the prosecutor Joshua Steinglass argued just that. In an almost unprecedented mockery of American justice, defendants Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were not able to face their accusers as nobody was accusing them other than anonymous tweets from “NYC Antifa”, nor did the anarchist “victims” testify against them.

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Jake Offenharz, a hard leftist being platformed by the Gothamist, was largely responsible for the narrative that led to Governor Andrew Cuomo ordering the draconian crackdown.

Jake Offenharz

According to a lie concocted by Offenharz picked up by mainstream outlets, Hare was bragging about beating the “foreigners,” when audio clearly proves he said “four” (the number of antifa members they fought). This was compounded by claims that the scuffle was fueled by “homophobia” because some of the Proud Boys said “faggot” in the heat of the moment.

The Proud Boys were further dragged with claims that they are Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists and other labels. Even a cursory examination of writings and footage of the Proud Boys shows they are far more multiracial than the Democratic Socialists of America, have numerous Jews and homosexuals in their organization, and are by and large just a flag-waving Trump fan-club.

One of the men being imprisoned, Kinsman, is in an interracial relationship, while Hare is known among New York Proud Boys to be unusually hostile to “racist” speech.

But when they were before Judge Mark Dwyer, the facts were all irrelevant and their white skin was the only relevant factor in the case, with Dwyer rationalizing his extreme penalty by exclaiming: “I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the 30s,” and going on to suggest that hipster clown Gavin McInnes is Hitler.

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The conservative movement has by and large been silent about this travesty, largely motivated by pressure from Zionist groups like the Anti-Defamation League or the lack of “respectability” of men in Fred Perrys filmed physically defending themselves and their liberty. With a few exceptions like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, it’s safe to say they have thrown the Proud Boys under the bus in this case.

The Antifa Police State

Most of the major players involved in setting up Hare and Kinsman are Jewish (Bachom, Offenharz, Steinglass, etc), and while the Proud Boys by and large do not harbor skepticism towards organized Jewry, the latter have been doing everything in their power to stick their faces right in it.

Last week the Proud Boys rallied for Hare and Kinsman, which coincided with banner drop over the Queens Midtown Tunnel mocking Governor Cuomo as “Fredo,” – a mocking term inside the Italian community that famously triggered Cuomo’s brother to have a meltdown – and another one in Brooklyn bringing attention to Judge Mark Dwyer’s politically selective court.

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The mainstream media and Cuomo only reacted to the “Fredo” banner, but what really angered left-wing extremists was the banner exemplifying the Dwyer’s double standard in Williamsburg.

“The banner was not anti-Semitic at all. The point was to inform the Orthodox community how a Rabbi who was convicted of molesting children was given a year, mostly time served, by Mark Dwyer and released back into their community, while two patriots involved in a minor scuffle were given four years by the same judge” a Proud Boy told National Justice when reached for comment.

He is referring to the case of Williamsburg Rabbi Baruch Leibovits, who pled guilty to 8 counts of sexually abusing a minor. Judge Dwyer sentenced Leibovits to a year with time served, which meant the Rabbi only did an additional three months for the repeated abuse of a child from 2004 to 2005.

Career-oriented individuals like Dwyer often codify corrupt rulings from the shadows. With these banners, Dwyer is exposed as what he is: an accomplice in the rape of children as well as in codifying tyranny against decent men doing what is right.

Sadly, instead of being outraged, members of the Jewish community and extreme-left groups lashed out against the banner, accusing them of “anti-Semitism” anyway.

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Twitter personality @AntifashGordon , who rarely breaks from posting people’s personal information on social media, unleashed a hysterical tweet storm against links between Jews and child sexual abuse. Antifash Gordon is Jewish himself, and widely believed to be a member of a Judeocentric communist group ominously named “Outlive Them.”

Another Zionist tweeter, Lireal Lowenstein, demanded Cuomo comment on the banner “targeting Jews.”

The twitter account belonging to New York City Antifa went one step further, posting a video of themselves burning the banner.

In the video, two Brooklyn-based anarchists, Christian Erazo (of the EastRev music label) and a skinhead who goes by “Ian Edward” are shown with their faces obscured, igniting the strip of cloth in what appears to be a decaying warehouse. Erazo, in the flatcap and boots, and Ian, in the Adidas shirt, have both been trying to astroturf a soccer hooligan group centered around the third-tier team, the New York Cosmos.

“Brigada 71,” the gang in question, organizes out of the East River Bar in the heavily gentrified Williamsburg bridge area. These “antifa” hooligans are best known for trying to pick fights with Guatemalan immigrants they have labeled Neo-Nazis.

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When asked about whether the Proud Boys were intimidated by the alliance of media, cops, communist groups and Andrew Cuomo outright threatening them, they doubled down with moral certainty.

“One of our guys had a baby born while he was locked up. He will not know his child until they are 4 years old. These people are heartless animals.

We will not be the bodies Cuomo and company build their political careers on. We will continue to embarrass him and his Antifa lackeys for 4 years if we have to. The Proud Boys aren’t going anywhere.”

Whatever their ideology, the sense of brotherhood and solidarity within the group is admirable. That, more than anything, explains why the Proud Boys now find themselves being targeted by the powerful.

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