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It's Simple: Vote Trump If For Peace, Vote Hillary If For War

Now that the presidential campaign enters its final stages one has to find some simple slogans to convince the electorate who they should vote for. Long essays written even by the most sophisticated political technologists, journalists or scholars won’t do the job.  

Intellectuals and well educated people have already made up their minds.  Some of them might have their own, sometimes hidden agenda, so trying to persuade them to change their minds is close to “mission impossible.” At the same time regular folks have to worry about delivering bread and butter to their families and do not have time to read these essays anyway.

<figcaption>It's pretty obvious</figcaption>
It's pretty obvious

Of course, issues like jobs, immigration, foreign trade, gun control and race relations are definitely important for determining the quality of everyday life. But there is a still more important, I’d say existential issue which has been hardly mentioned during the campaign: who most likely will get us into a nuclear war that will end civilization as we know it?

Sadly, western Main Stream Media (MSM) in the best traditions of Soviet style agitprop is overwhelmingly in tune with Hillary’s war mongering rhetoric and her neocon and liberal interventionist backers. However, ordinary citizens in their right mind should be encouraged to see through this propaganda to the clear facts.  

All the wars that both Clintons and Obama got us into should make folks take a pause and think. Trump, on another hand, with all his shortcomings, at least promises to steer the country out of war with Russia and concentrate on defeating not imaginary but our real enemies like ISIS and al-Qaeda who are indeed threatening the security of the United States and our European allies.

Therefore, here is a simple suggestion for those who will go to the polls on November 8. Vote for Trump if you are for Peace and for Hillary if you want War.

Accompanied by well-designed posters, bumper stickers, T-shirts, baseball hats, pins, and other memorabilia, this slogan should do the job.


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