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Italian Film Blows Lid on False Flag Snipers in Kiev 2014 Coup (Russian TV News)

The truth is finally coming out about this US-orchestrated crime.

Ful transcript follows below.



The coup did not turn things around. In addition, 4 years after the tragic events that plunged the country into a completely alternate reality, incredible information about the circumstances of the Kiev coup, and those who provoked it has come out.

The operation was prepared carefully and in advance. This info was obtained by Italian journalists, whom it'll be difficult to accuse of bias.


Was someone freaking killed?

Zalogi Kvaratskhelia, Participant in Kiev Maidan 2013-14:

"It was dawn, I hear fire and bullets whizzing by, we were ordered to shoot."


-Where did they shoot from?


-From Ukraine.

-From Ukraine?


These are the opening scenes of the Italian film, Ukraine: The Hidden Truth.

War journalist, Gian Micalessin, made the film.

He visited almost all the ongoing war zones in the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, but this meeting was planned to be in the safety of Europe.

Koba Nergadze, Participant in Kiev Maidan 2013-14:

"I decided to come to Skopje to meet you and to tell you everything we know about what happened."

In Gian's interview, Koba Nergadze and Zalogi Kvaratskhelia share sensational details about their work in Kiev at the beginning of 2014.

Koba Nergadze:

"There was no difference if we shot at a tree, the barricades, or at those who threw Molotov cocktails."

Gian Micalessin:

"The interesting part of this interview was that these men were from Georgia. They came to Kiev from Georgia, to take part in this revolution. And they told us that they were members of an organization tied to former President Saakashvili.

Later, Gian interviewed Alexander Revazishvili, he also took part in the revolutions and casualties.


"This is the tent where we lived, and that's me. This is the moment when the journalist came to the tent."


The Georgian mercenaries recounted in detail how they ended up at the Maidan. Mamuka Mamulashvili sent them on this trip near the end of 2013. Later he became one of the Georgian Legion's commanders fight in the Donbass with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Mamuka asked me if I really was trained as a sniper, I told him yes.


Koba and Zalogi didn't know each other yet, but they arrived in Kiev at about the same time, in mid-December 2013, and both used fake documents.


Only when we were on the plane, were we given passports, which had fake names.


What name was in your passport?

Zalogi: David Kabanadze.


Feb 18, 2014, a clash on the Institutskaya St. In the trunk of one of the cars parked right in front of the confrontation line, the protestors find a sniper rifle. Soon, one of the opposition leaders, Sergei Pashinsky appears near the car. Today Pashinsky is part of the new government's leadership, but back then he was one of the organizers of the Georgian mercenaries.


"Pashinsky came up to me and asked whether we fire on Berkut from the point where we were, because Berkut was on opposite side from us, we could see them. Nearby was a young guy, that I later found out was Parasyuk, he had a Saiga."

On the morning of February 20, Koba and Zalogi at in the Ukraine hotel.


"We needed to reach a point of chaos so that the masses would go against the Berkut.


According to Gian Micalessin, during interviews, the main question arose in his mind, why these people decided to talk about the events on the Maidan only now, and could they be trusted.


"I think that I can believe them that they really were there, that they're Georgian citizens, and that they took part in the demonstrations. I'm not sure that they participated in the shooting, although I consider it to possible."


Italian journalist, Gian Micalessin's film became a sensation, on the 4th anniversary of the Maidan. New facts and loud admissions will give us new ways to look at the February 2014 events. One of the conclusions that arises from watching the film, the shooting of the Heaven's Hundred, was a planned provocation, the result of which was the government coup.

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