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Is It Peak Russophobia Yet? Bill Would Require California Schools to Teach Trump Was Installed by Russia

In Soviet California Democratic conspiracies are curriculum

Just when you think the Russopbobia craze in the US couldn't get any worse something happens to prove you wrong. 

A California legislator is introducing a bill that would require state schools to teach in history class that Russian government conspired to influence the 2016 US election on behalf of Donald Trump. More:

Levine said if California requires state curriculum to include the information, other states would likely follow suit.

“California is the largest textbook market in the nation,” he said. “Textbooks approved in our state are used throughout the country.”

Typically, determining classroom curriculum is a long public process, with the Board of Education adopting guidelines. In rare cases, the state legislature has required topics to be included in curriculum. A bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September, for example, requires that financial literacy be taught in six grade levels.

In 2011, the state required schools to include the history of the LGBT community and gay rights.

This is how bad things are in (parts of) the US right now.  With California unsurprisingly the most bonkers of them all.

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