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It Is Now Illegal to Publically Express Your Dislike of Fags and Trannies in the UK

It is now illegal in the UK to dislike and express your opinion that you do not agree with transgender individuals. Anything said or written that criticises transgender, transsexuals, transvestites and homosexuals it is now punishable with a minimum of 6 months in jail and up to 6 years.

The punishment is going to be harsher than those that are given for domestic burglaries. In today’s decadent West society, freedom of expression has already become a thing of the past.

The most interesting thing will be the effect the law has on Muslims and where will they fit in all of this because Muslims consider homosexually to be abhorrent and unlike Christians are open in their derision and dislike for sexual mutants. Interestingly, Muslims too are a protected species in Absurdistan. Any court appearance in which the Muslims are the defendants in a case in which queers are seeking a judicial decision in their favour should prove interesting.

The story in the Daily Mail comes straight to the point: ‘Judges have been ordered to hand out tough jail terms in a crackdown on transgender and homophobic hate crimes. Offenders found guilty of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexuality should get at least six months in prison, new sentencing guidelines state.

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And there should be a six-year jail sentence for those convicted of the worst cases of intolerance against gay or transgender people.

The instructions, released yesterday by the judge-led Sentencing Council, the statutory body that recommends punishment levels, mean transgender ‘hate (criticism) offences’ will receive harsher sentences than domestic burglaries, shoplifting, even physical attacks.

It comes after police figures revealed reports of hate crimes soared last year, with transgender hate crimes up 37 per cent on the year before.

Mr Justice Julian Goose, of the Council, said the guidelines would help the courts take a consistent approach to sentencing the offences, adding: ‘Public order is essential for the safe-functioning of society and the law seeks to protect the public from behaviour which undermines this.’

This year Surrey Police quizzed a Catholic mother-of-five after she was accused of ‘misgendering’ the trans daughter of an activist on social media by using the pronoun ‘him’.

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Thames Valley Police launched an inquiry into possible public order hate crimes by demonstrators who put up stickers in Oxford with messages such as: ‘Woman: noun. Adult human female.’

The guidelines, which judges and magistrates must follow unless they can show doing so would run against justice, are the first to apply to public order offences, which include the offence of ‘stirring up hatred based on race, religion or sexual orientation’.

This is not the only public order offence for which offenders can be convicted for what they say, write, broadcast or post on the internet or social media. The Sentencing Council said the least serious offences of stirring up racial hatred, in which people spread hate recklessly without intending to do so, should be handed community punishments rather than jail time.

But the same does not apply to spreading hatred on religious or sexual orientation grounds. For these offences, the new rules say the least serious offences should attract a six-month jail sentence.

For those who commit the ‘hate crime from a position of authority, or plan to incite serious violence or whose activity was persistent and widespread, the typical jail sentence should be three years and as much as six’. 

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