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This Israeli Tech Company Is Spying on the Upper Echelons of the US Government - Why?

In this clip, Jazz and James dig in to the revelation that Israeli spytech company NSO Group has been using American servers to spy on Americans- including keeping tabs on the upper echelons of government. Full episode:

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Going back to what Pompei was saying, we do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communications systems. So, you know, sort of like the Israelis are doing to us. Guy. So two very two very big stories this week that have been making well past past few weeks have been making the rounds. One of them we already talked about, which is Michael Flynn being the Indian agent. And in the transition in 2016, essentially trying to facilitate a veto of this this U.N. resolution that would would have been critical of Israel. And it was done through Netanyahu and Kushner and everything else in the media, of course, talks about it like plan was talking. The Russians say, no, he's talking to Russian Jews. And he was doing it on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu. And Russia was only part of the story. And they don't talk about any of this. And this is a story that we talked about at length. Another story, and this is a big hat tip to Dr. Philip M. Giraldi over it. It because he compiled both of these first half is something we already talked about, second half of something we haven't talked about, but will fit in very nicely with a previously unreleased deep dive that we're gonna be dropping this weekend.

On that, James put a hell of a lot of elbow grease into on Israel and how Israeli Israel is spying on you and how they have been and all the different ways that they're doing that and facilitating that. But the second story, which we haven't talked about, and this is new Facebook accuses NSO group, which is one of the companies that I believe we talk about the deep dive of using U.S. servers for spying. Say this for spying. The revelation that Israel was again using its telecommunication skills to spy on foreigners US came from an Oakland, California Federal Court lawsuit initiated by Facebook against the Israeli surveillance technology company NSA group Facebook claimed that NSO had been using servers located in the United States to infect spyware on hundreds of smartphones by use used by attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, critics of Israel and even government officials. People think, oh, just one hundred couple phones. These are phones of people in very important places.

But oftentimes you'll see this reported and they really focus on the Saudi people, you know, Jordanian journalists and with the intent of making you not care about it. But when you really dig into it and you come to find that this was not only happening to people overseas and in the Middle East, this was being done to Americans in the United States, too. And apparently it's still being done.

Yeah, it's still being done. And NSO used WhatsApp, which is a made Facebook app that they have acquired to hack into phones and install malware that would enable the company to monitor what was going on with the devices. It did so by employing networks of remote servers located in California to enter the accounts. And also has inevitably claimed that they do indeed provide spyware, but that it is sold to clients who themselves operated draw with, quote, the advice and technical support to assist customers in setting it up. This sounds like just another modern rendition of Crypto Agee. James, where we talked about this before, where you have, you know, this this crypto A.G. is this cover company in Switzerland that was really controlled by the CIA that was selling all these encryption apps to people around the world. Encryption devices, actually, people around the world. And they had the encryption keys. So they were just spying on everybody. Right. All of these countries were buying these devices. And then there just the government has the ability through Israel, of course, to spy on everybody. Whereas this is like, yeah, we were selling NSA was like, but we're just selling people are spyware so that they can use it in spy on other people. And guys were using it to stop terrorism and stop violent crime and save lives. How dare you. How dare you.

How absolutely dare you. And the idea, too, that there is this is just just like any other product somebody would purchase and use and. Well, what do you mean holding the manufacturer liable? No NSO group emerged out of an Israeli government effort to become a world leader in technology back in 2012. Information technology. And one of their clients is the Israeli government. So even if you're going to say we only contract out our services to two governments. All right. Well, Israel and the United States are both clients then this. This doesn't prove anything. This doesn't prove your innocence.

Not that you know, them not being clients would either, but you having the ability to, in fact, any any phone. By the way, Apple Android doesn't matter. Any phone in the world with this software is should be alarming. And the fact that the U.S. government has basically has been confirmed to be a customer, that should be especially alarming for Americans.

It should be in so. We understand, too, because I think people get caught in the trap of believing that it's all of something or not of anything. So the idea that Israel. Israel has significant control over over a lot of the things in our country. They have this control through lobbyists. They have this control through financial leverage with banking. And everybody understands a lot of how this goes on. But don't misconstrue that as complete control. They don't have complete control over everybody and they have to worry about people who could disrupt what they're trying to do. And in fact, I would even argue that they have a lot less control than people probably think. That doesn't mean that you should underestimate them or whatever. But it just means that you shouldn't just assume that everything that happens in every person who speaks is somehow can get lost in that. It's probably not. Probably not. Let's talk about connections that we can actually make. And so one of the reasons why they're spying. One of the reasons why this goes on. And one of the things that I think I was talking about on J and J recently is that behind closed doors, if you read intelligence agency documents, they talk about Israel being one of the big four countries that spy on the United States and they're spying because they want to know well in advance of anything that's going on so that they can counteract it. And this spying allows them to have the illusion of complete control of the country because they're able to get out in front of this stuff and thwart it now. They do have lots of control over over government and everything else with the with the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail, all this stuff.

But all these pieces are in place to make sure that they can. Most of the time, make sure things go their way in one way or another. And because they want these things done very quickly, it's part of the whole jig, not philosophy. The third temple has to be built. We have to do this now. We can't wait. It's the end of end of times and so on and so forth. So all of this all of this spying that has been going on, this is to further that and make sure that that there aren't any loose ends and any problems that they have. And they know that they have opposition. They they know that there are people out there who do the song and dance and say, you know, I love Israel is our greatest ally. And so on and so forth, but maybe are tired of being under that thumb right under that nose. And they maybe they want to deal with people. They want to know is the guy who says they love Israel and, you know, they come to the Wailing Wall. Is that one of the photo op countries is every person who comes to our country from a photo op country. Is that somebody that what are they saying behind closed doors? Is that somebody who's going to say, I love Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu behind closed doors? Or is that a person that says, yeah, we're going to get rid of that guy and get somebody else? So that's the purpose of this.

So sure that that is absolutely one of the key purposes. And also blackmail gathering. Right, intelligence gathering. And because they're not only listening to, like, secure government phones, they're listening to everything. And as we know and as you will hear in the Israeli spy tech deep dive, we talk of extensively about their intrusion into Internet of Things devices. Right. Your your Alexis smart speaker, which you should not have if you have one now, Google, smart speaker, all of these smart home devices that have microphones in them. Well, those those chips are being built by R.M., which is an Israeli company. And they're being hacked by by other Israeli companies. Right. So so the idea that that you're safe and secure in your own home and it's only your devices listening. That's absolutely not the case. So not only do they do they get tabs on what people in government are doing, but they also have the ability to build dossiers on just about anybody who especially people who embrace this surveillance tech and bring it into their homes.

Yeah. And this is why, you know, Mark Zuckerberg is is a preeminent chick, that this is why he's going to have a dinner at the White House with with Donald Trump. This is why you have good old George Soros going out there and criticizing Mark Zuckerberg for bad optics because Zuckerberg is participating in this, in being part of the panopticon and mining people's data to use it for very advanced thinking. Think Finkelstein would pore over paper polling, you know, fifty thousand dollars a pop for these polls that would be conducted. That would not be very accurate, that you have to get somebody on a fucking phone to talk to them. Why do all that when you can just gather people's data like JP Morgan Chase has or like Facebook has or like any of these companies have to just pick through that data and you basically like have instant polling results based on people's activities, online activities. You don't need to ask them questions. You just look at what they're doing and then you can really exact fourth generation warfare, psychological warfare in in weapon ising rhetoric during elections to get people to vote the way that you want either for this side of the kosher sandwich or that's at a kosher. Sandwich. That's what Cambridge Analytical was all about. And so a lot of this stuff is covering the gaps is. All right. Well, what about people that aren't on Facebook? What about people who have who have smartly issued social media? How do we get their information? Well, you hack their phones, you get into whatever device they're using unless you're using a, you know, what is it, nineteen ninety nine star tac phone. Probably not hackable, but who knows, maybe you can hack a star attack at this point. But smartphones definitely hackable.

And this is something that these, these people have been doing and. Yeah. Like Liberata older sister is going to say one closing thought and part one libertarian's when they're out there are worried about Big Brother getting information. It's really big Tzion getting your information. It's not Big Brother. It's not the government who's you know, it's like, yeah, those fears are rational. Those fears are definitely rational. But what they're using it for, they're not coming to use it to van you there or do violate your Fifth Amendment rights. Fourth Amendment rights. Don't remember illegal search and seizure. Which one is that, James? This is how much I care that fourth. There's so much I care about the Constitution. And so, yeah, this is they're not going to do that. Just like the lockdown's. We're not about like putting you in a FEMA camp. It's it's just the FEMA camp is your online activity. It's you know, that's that's what you have to know and do what you can to protect yourself and and. Yeah. I mean, this is this is Israel. It's not it's, you know, deep state apparatus. It's just that's all like one big thing. So. Yeah. What else. Yeah. There is a cyber attack that Israel did on an Iranian port facility on May nine. So, yeah, I told you, things are gonna start heating up. Like you're gonna start seeing things like this and you rarely see like I thought, wow, did they get the headline backwards that this was Iran doing a cyber attack on an Israeli port facility? No, it was Israel doing it. It's kind of funny when they admit these things. But but, yeah, they they hacked a port to see if they could cause a bunch of shipping problems in middle coronavirus. Very cool Mossad.

But yeah, very cool when these people are already under the yoke of sanctions and the country is essentially being starved by by U.S. aggression, too. Yeah, I just, uh, you know, tinker around and mess things up a little bit more. That's great. Please do.

Well, let's let's. Cawsey containership truck and goods and services traffic jam in the middle of a health crisis. That's cool. Very cool. Masad.

Yeah, well, and this wouldn't be the first time they've done this, right? They've done this with Stuxnet, which was a an international scandal about 10 years ago. Right. And that was like 2010. Wow. How time flies. Yeah. They've done this with Stuxnet. They will do this again. And, you know, at least these these containers weren't carrying any PPE being sent to the country. Right, guys? Because thankfully, the U.S. and Zionists banded together to prevent that from being sent in as aiding and abetting a an enemy regime.

What's what what sticks net? Is that where you get hairbrushes and leather jackets online? I'm just kidding. I believe so. I'm just joking. It's just bats. It's just friendly. I'd love to have sticks part of the club. Great.

Great. But anyway, we'll get there. Good work on people. So part two. Be right back. Wrecking ball swinging right back on, Athea.

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