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Israeli Rush to Save Secret Pact with Turkey

 Truth of Turkish attack on Israeli tourist to be buried by Dore Gold  

Not to be left behind the obsequious Europeans, the Israelis are rushing for their own Faustian pact with the Islamists of Turkey. In the immediate aftermath of the suicide terrorist attack in Istanbul on March 19th, which left five persons dead and scores injured, Dore Gold, Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign rushed to Istanbul. Why?  is the question. 

On the face of it,  this rush to Turkey, before hardly any information about the nature of last week’s terrorist attack had emerged, sounded odd. Dore Gold was not close by, in Israel, at the time of the explosion.

He was in far away America to attend the American Israel Political Action Committee’s  (AIPAC) "Annual Policy Conference 2016". This annual event is considered the most important meeting of pro-Israeli, American-Jewish groups in the US.  Moreover, unlike all recent American Administrations, the Obama Administration has not been considered pro- Israeli enough. And the bad chemistry between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama has fuelled numerous mini- crises between Jerusalem and Washington during the Obama presidency, climaxing with the Israel’s total opposition to the American-Iranian nuclear deal.

Finally,  2016 is a presidential year in the US,  and Israel is extremely worried that Donald Trump may win the Republican nomination and prevail over Israel's preferred choice,  Hillary Clinton, who is expected to be the Democratic Party nominee, and all the Republican Party runners except for Trump have been invite to speak to the AIPAC conference.  

Dore Gold, born in the US, is an influential Israeli  and a political figure in his own right. An academic by US training – Hartford Yeshiva, Columbia University --  he was long associated with the Israeli right (Ariel Sharon). Netanyahu appointed him Director  General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015. 

Most relevant,  and the reason for his rush to Istanbul, is his concern that the bombing assassination of the Israeli tourists may derail for good Gold’s long-sought attempt at reconciliation with Turkey. In Israel he has been an ardent advocate of an axis between the two countries; he has been the architect of recent moves and secret negotiations with the Islamist regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for "happy days again" between Jerusalem and Ankara. 

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In 2013 Gold’s secret negotiations with Erdogan produced this public apology from Israeli prime minister Netanyahu for the Israeli attack on Turkish civilians aboard Mavi Marmara, en route to Gaza three years before.

Reparations of $20 million were promised. For more on the Gold secrets, read this.  

What is interesting and revealing is that whereas the  initial reporting and official Turkish leaks to the press characterised the Saturday, March 20, attack as another Kurdish terrorist attack and that the victims were "ordinary" Turks, the Israelis knew better. They knew the victims were foreigners, mostly Israeli tourists -- and that the perpetrators were not Kurdish but Turkish Islamists. We all know now that this is the case. And that this is the second time recently that tourists have been attacked in Istanbul. Except that this time they got a bonus. They got the hated Israelis.  By accident?  

Noone wants to admit or even speculate that this was a deliberate attack targeting Israelis. So an official story was concocted- a bread and butter Turkish intelligence tale - that the terrorist was planning to bomb a nearby government building,  and that he lost his cool and "detonated" himself, "off" his target. Moreover,  he  just happened to have done so "accidentally" in the midst of a crowd of tourists, and that by "chance" they happened to be Israelis.  Now if you believe that, I have a bridge  to sell you at a giveaway price, as the Americans are fond of saying. 

Significantly,  while Secretary General Gold took the first flight from the US to Istanbul - probably a Turkish  Airlines one,  since El Al is not allowed by the Turks to fly there- Netanyahu said he has no evidence that the Israelis were targeted deliberately by Islamists. It was their tough luck, according to the prime minister.  Maybe it was because they violated the Sabbath. Who knows. 

So Netanyahu wishes. And so does Gold rushing to Istanbul to save the day and have his chance to lie prostrate before the Great Turk and obtain his "generous cooperation ", this time in the fight against terrorism, much like his European cousins have been doing lately. And all the while Erdogan- NATO's Hitler loving ally by his own admission-  is implementing genocidal policies against the Kurds of Turkey - "his own people" as NATO might have said,  but doesn't.

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