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Pentagon Gave Israel Front Row Seats to US Missile Strikes in Syria

Israel's intelligence minister said Tel Aviv was given box seats for Trump's missile attack, which "restored" US prestige in Middle East

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Israel was given VIP treatment while Trump pounded Syria with overpriced missiles, according to Israel's intelligence minister. 

Yisrael Katz, Israel's intelligence minister and a member of the Cabinet’s defense forum, said in a Friday interview that US defense officials “updated Israel in real time” about the strike, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency. 

Israel was a vocal proponent for military action in response to the alleged gas attack in Idlib province on Tuesday. 

As the Jerusalem Post wrote on April 4, "Amid the voices in Israel’s political establishment on Tuesday roundly condemning the Syrian chemical attack and calling on the world to actively intervene, some called for Israel to rethink its own policy toward Syria and suggested taking limited military action."


Former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said in an interview shortly after the "gas attack" on Tuesday that Israel should "destroy the planes that carried out the chemical attack."

“I think that the right thing that should happen tonight is that the same planes that attacked in Idlib will disappear, and be hit, not by soldiers that come on the ground, but there is precise weaponry that you can send from afar.”

A few days late, but the US still delivered.

On Friday, Katz also said that Trump's $100 million fireworks display, which murdered at least 6 Syrians, "has restored America’s regional leadership in a big way in the Middle East."

With an intelligence minister this observant, you know Israel is in good hands. 

Close your eyes and think about the Middle East. What sort of mind-hallucinations are you seeing right now? (You can't close your eyes and think about the Middle East and read Russia Insider simultaneously, so you are clearly cheating. But no matter.)

You probably see images US airstrikes, torture prisons, night raids, trigger-happy Blackwater psychopaths, depleted uranium babies, piles of dead bodies — well over a million killed in Iraq alone. Not including Albright's "totally worth it" sanctions that murdered 500,000 children. 

In other words: The US has finally restored its status as a much-beloved "regional leader" in the Middle East. 

We hope Israel enjoyed the show. 



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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