Israeli Government Has a Free Hand to Censor Facebook - Are You Nuts Zuckerberg? (Ben Swann Video)

Trump is gearing up to discipline the out-of-control social media. We can't wait!!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ben Swann is an Alt-Media favorite who emerged from the fringes of American MSM on CBS46.

He explains the government interference in Facebook that started with the Israeli government monitoring Facebook for posts it labels as “incitement”, and over 95% of the requests were removed.

Additionally the American government requests that countries which it has economic sanctions on are also censored.

The news network Telesur was also removed from Facebook “accidently”, added back, then removed again due to the sanctions on Venezuela. Chechen leader Kadyrov was also removed from Facebook and Instagram due to sanctions.


What consequences does this have for free expression if any foreign group these governments disagree with can be de-platformed from social media?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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