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Israel / US are on Track to Murder 6 Million in Yemen, a REAL Holocaust, Not the Fake One that Never Happened in WW2

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This article was submitted to us by a Swedish author, who has also written an important book (in English), about the bloody disaster that has ben the result of Jewish power over the last 100 years. ”They created a Bloody 20th Century.” An ad with a link to the book is in the text of this article. Mr. Myrebro's English is not fluent, but we left it the way it is, because it conveys authenticity, showing that all over the world people are waking up to the unpleasant truth.

Ones upon a time there happening a big catastrophic in Germany during this continuoes civil war. Yes civil war because the jewish population had already in March 1933 declared war against their homeland Germany. And at this international jewish conference in Amsterdam, it was clear declared: ”Judea declared war on Germany,” and our interest is that Germany will be totally destroyed.” This goal-direction from the jewish side has never been changed.

Partly it can describe why some concentration camps were build up in late 1930th for to protect the establishment from ill-minded people, and that repeated demands from jews for the destruction of Germany forced this genocide leading to between 200-300.000 jews was killed in what they called a holocaust.

Now this time is gone and is not of any value for a memory that jews cleaned the road for there own disaster. That because they had already from 1919, without reason, established a deadly threat against Germany.

So let´s talk about this holocaust or genocide which now took part in Yemen and now is in its sixth year. That is a mega-holocaust and we talk about milions dead and 20 million people starving to death.

What are the difference between this, small in camparision with others, for example, the Gulag, and this mega-holocaust going on in Yemen? This so-called holocaust in Germany during WWII was an act directed against a Zionistic group that willingly worked for the destruction of Germany. Victims from this genocide have day after day become glorified and honored in media. But Germany had during the seventy years had to pay enormous sums to jews as guilt for something they didn´t ask for.

Concerning Yemen´s situation in realtime the situation is the opposite.  Yemen´s people have never threatened the USA or planed something bad against his country, never. And the war which now takes part in this pour country has no character of a civil war – its a proxy war from the beginning in which the USA, Saudi, and UAE have taken a central part. Bombing and destroying harbors, bridges, schools, warehouses, and hospitals and have been mainly aggression strategies. With the help of radar systems from Sweden, their bomb raids have been very effective – the latest hospital now according to information is destroyed. For this, the starving and destroying alliance have used many weapons, especially bombs. And this arsenal the USA without doubts have provided the alliance with.

The jews in Germany find out how to punish this country with enormous demands for compensation after the war – but the assaulted and starved people in Yemen have no reason to dream about any compensation from the USA, Saudi or UAE. They can just hope that they will stop blocking their harbors. That´ s the difference.

Last year in April Donald Trump could stop the genocide in Yemen. The congress had approved resolution S. J. Res. 7 which was an anti-war resolution aimed to end USA powerful support for the Saudi coalition whose goal was a totally destroying of Yemen.

But President Trump had no interest in stopping killing children and women by bombing schools and hospitals. He laid a veto against the congress resolution    to stop it. His motivation was that this resolution was: ” a dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities.” So Trump´s gigantic authorities will now be confirmed by slaughtering thousands and millions of innocent people – and the war continues thanks to USA´s President.

A typical scene in Yemen

That means that it must be a tasteless and unsmart act to take part in remembrance  of a holocaust i Germany ca; 80 years ago, and at the same time hidden and forgot this big holocaust in our time, directed to innocent and crying people. This is a bad result of a mainstream agenda.

Six million victims in a german holocaust during WWII is a fantasy sum. But these six million victims start to be a realistic number now in Yemen – thanks to USA.  Then you shall remember that the USA makes nothing in this way without the order from Israel.

More about different genocides caused by jewish power you will find in my book, ”They created a Bloody 20th Century.”

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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