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Israel Got Advance Notice of Russian Strikes

The two countries may be forging closer cooperation in the Middle East

  • Israel was informed in advance of military strikes
  • In contrast to the claims of targeting civilians and US-backed rebels, Israeli media reported those killed were "jihadists"
  • Russia has set up a headquarters in Baghdad to rival the US headquarters in Amman. Several counties have already sent personnel


This article originally appeared in German Economic News. Translated by Werner Schrimpf for Russia Insider.

Russia is creating new and quite unexpected alliances, and the U.S. is surprised. Israel, however, remains calm – the government was informed up front by Moscow.

When starting the Russian military mission in Syria, Vladimir Putin seems to have entered into a quite unexpected alliance. While the U.S. military complex is trying push Putin into the aggressor's role Putin was able to secure Israel’s support in advance.

The government in Jerusalem confirmed on Wednesday evening having been informed about Russian airstrikes. This deal was cut during Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Vladimir Putin in Moscow. These arrangements were obviously elaborated in detail and followed a mechanism which was agreed upon by Putin and Netanyahu. The objective is to avoid any irritation between Russian and Israeli military forces.

Contrary to the U.S. main stream media sympathizing with the U.S. Neocons, Israel’s “Times of Israel” reported that 30 jihadi terrorists have been killed – amongst them 12 child soldiers. The radical Islamist terrorists traditionally make use of children in their assaults – a favorite propaganda tactic in order to generate appropriate pictures to manipulate western public opinion. The German yellow press newspaper BILD – well known for its servile attitude towards U.S. and NATO – immediately published these photos – without commenting on the background of that material.

Intelligence service web portal DEBKAfile reports that Russia is coordinating the air strikes from its new headquarters in Bagdad. Military personnel from Syria, Iran and Iraq have joined and participate. Russia had invited the U.S. to bundle efforts as well, but Washington rejected it. The U.S. runs a war room in Amman where troops from the U.S., Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Qatar and the VAE are assembled.

DEBKAfile reports further that Russia’s military action is not limited to Syria. The declared objective is war on IS terrorism – irrespective of which country the terrorists operate in. Russia’s military forces have carefully and precisely planned this raid against IS. It is difficult to judge whether solely IS-positions had been attacked or posts from other rebels fighting Assad as well. But the fact that the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the death of jihadi terrorists served to verify the Russian statements. 

Russia rejected accusations of having attacked other fighting parties other than the radical Islamist IS militia with their air strikes.

There are two reasons for the courtesy towards Israel: First, Israel military power is the only force in this region which could interfere in the Middle-East with the necessary power. Secondly, Moscow and Jerusalem share the view that the fight against Islamist terrorism requires resolute action.

On the quiet, Israeli security personnel expressed their disappointment at the military flops of the U.S.  Whether Israel would be prepared to develop more advanced cooperation with Russia is not clear for the time being.

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