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Not Even Israel Protests Anti-Semitism in Ukraine

Nazism in Ukraine is not only protected by Germany and other Western countries, but obviously also by Israel

The article originally appeared at NEO Presse. Translated for RI by Alexander Samarkin


Jews have always been the scapegoats: the deeper the economical and political crisis, the more blame is assigned to the Jews. The new Ukrainian authorities have made no secret about their plans to cleanse the country of non-Ukrainians. The fighters of the Right Sector cleanse the Ukraine of  alien people systematically. The first on the black list are of course the Jews.

Exodus from Ukraine

In 2013, the Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed its concerns about anti-Semitic excesses in Ukraine. At that time, the Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin said:

„A harsh and uncompromising response to any appearance of anti-Semitism is required, regardless of which political circles it emerges from.“

Other Israeli politicians share his opinion. Nevertheless, the "uncompromising response" does not follow. What has been seen recently? Since president Petro Poroshenko came to power with the help of radical political forces, the situation of the Jews has become much worse. Nationwide ethnic cleansing is being carried out under the slogans „Ukraine above all“, „death to enemies“, etc. and the Jewish population was the first victim. It should be noted that the Jewish community of Ukraine is the third biggest in Europe. According to the Jewish Agency for Israel 200.000 Jews live there. How many Jews there are at this time is unknown, because thousands of scared Jews had to flee from Ukraine. In 2014 the Israeli newspaper „Ha'aretz“ reported that the number of immigrants from Ukraine increased by 43%. In 2015 the number of refugees reached a record high of 215%! Therefore success of the Ukrainian ultra-right is at hand.

EJA appeals to EU

The European Jewish Association did not disregard the Ukrainian Jewish community. A special committee was formed, whose members were sent to Ukraine to investigate the situation on site. The director of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe and the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, said that the numerous complaints of Ukrainian Jews and violations of human rights had been proven true. Therefore it was confirmed that Ukrainian Jews are in a catastrophic situation. Menachem Margolin reported this in a letter to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker: The letter remains unanswered. Why?

Eagles don't care about flies

There are those who are outraged: Why doesn't Israel respond to the anti-Semitic policy of the Kiev junta? Tel Aviv should be the first to scream out loud about the crimes of Hitler's successors in the center of Eastern Europe. The President, the Government and the Chief Rabbinate are being accused of silently agreeing to the revival of fascist traditions in Ukraine and supporting militant neo-nationalism.

Those who think so are wrong. Israel grants the Jewish community of Ukraine any help and lobbyists do their very best, as  the letter of Menachem Margolin to Jean-Claude Juncker proves. But all efforts are fruitless. Why? The answer is obvious: The West doesn't care about the fate of poor Jews. As the saying goes: Eagles don't care about flies. The Western countries, including Germany, sacrifice hundreds and thousands of innocent human lives on the altar of dubious political benefits of the neo-nationalism's blossoming in Ukraine. 

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