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Trump Delivers After Israel Calls for 'Precision Strikes' Against Syria

The Israelis have been screaming since Tuesday about the need for "precision strikes" against Syria. Trump obliged them

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Don't give Donald Trump too much credit for starting World War III in Syria

CNN, celebrating war. As usual.
CNN, celebrating war. As usual.

We all know Trump is well versed in the "art of the deal", but as for the art of war — well, let's just say some have more experience in this field. 

The reality is that Israel, more than any other nation, was screaming the loudest for military action following Tuesday's "gas attack" in Syria. 

Tel Aviv was quite open about what it expected. 

As the Jerusalem Post wrote on April 4, "Amid the voices in Israel’s political establishment on Tuesday roundly condemning the Syrian chemical attack and calling on the world to actively intervene, some called for Israel to rethink its own policy toward Syria and suggested taking limited military action."

Former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said in an interview shortly after the "gas attack" on Tuesday that Israel should "destroy the planes that carried out the chemical attack."

“We are not clean from the fact that 200-300 km. from our border things are happening that as Jews and Israelis it is forbidden for us to allow to happen,” he said.

“I think that the right thing that should happen tonight is that the same planes that attacked in Idlib will disappear, and be hit, not by soldiers that come on the ground, but there is precise weaponry that you can send from afar.”

A few days late, but errand boy Trump still delivered. 


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