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Islamic State Buys Amnesty International for $20 Million

The fledgling state is eager to emulate human rights pathbreakers Saudi Arabia and the United States

This article originally appeared in Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau. Translated for Russia Insider by Boris Jaruselski.

The gold standard

Breaking news from the Islamic human rights scene: after Saudi Arabia became a member of the UN human rights commission, the Islamic State has also suddenly developed an interest human rights.

Representatives of IS pointed to common values with Saudi Arabia as a justification for acquiring what is widely seen as the gold standard in human rights organizations.

“We want to do our fair share in upholding human rights, and not leave all of the burden on the Saudis.  With this step, we want to show that we care about people too”, according to a speaker from the Foreign Office of the Islamic State in Mosul.

Observers however, suspect there may be less noble alterior motives behind the sudden acquisition by the frequently criticised government in Mosul. 

“Since their founding, Amnesty International has always been used by the western "community of values" coalition, as a means to justify western military interventions, which in fact caused far greater suffering than the regimes they ousted - in this sense, Amnesty is a perfect fit for the IS portfolio.” commented the Chinese Centre for Human Rights Observations in Somalia.