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Iranian Ambassador: What Iran and Russia Are Really Up To in Syria

The author argues that the US is supporting ISIS as part of a long-term strategy to attack Russia, Iran, and China

The author was the Iranian ambassador to Russia from 2009 - 2013, who has since then built up a very popular blog in Russia on Live Journal. He has a scientific background and spent most of his career working for the Iranian government to bring cutting edge technologies to Iran, specializing in oil and gas and nanotechnology.  He speaks English, Russian, Arabic, and his native Persian. 

It originally appeared in Russian on his personal blog at Live Journal. 

Translated by Mikhail Barkov for RI

Hello my dear friends!

Some readers have written to me and asked for my  comments on the issue of cooperation between Iran and Russia in Syria.

I will try to briefly and directly express my personal view of the problem within this post.
In my opinion:

1. The United States is not focused on the fight against terrorism or the destruction of the Islamic State (ISIS).

2. The United States seeks an opportunity to take control of the terrorists to use them against their own enemies.

3. The United States considers three countries - Russia, Iran and China – a threat to its dominance in the world.

What are my arguments concerning the three of the above statements? At least two conditions are necessary to believe that the US opposes ISIS:

1. We must clearly see that they are fighting with the main source of terrorism support, doing everything so that that new terrorists appear no longer.

2. The existing terrorists must be fought with - until their very defeat.

Now let me give you an example:

Imagine a lake contaminated with waste. In order to stop the pollution it is necessary to do the following: 1) block the source of the contamination and 2) the waste already fallen into the water must be removed. The terrorists are a kind of social pollution. And it is necessary to resort to the two measures referred to above to cleanse the society from them.

But the US and its regional allies, apparently, are not serious either with fighting the pollution (terrorism) sources, nor with the actual cleaning of the waste (the terrorists).

The source of the terrorism is a perverted, extremist ideology of the Saudi Wahhabism, the Wahhabism of the Saudi Arabia, which is the main US ally in the Middle East.

And now they are preparing about five thousand terrorists in one country east of Iran. In the same country Saudi Arabia is financing 20 religious schools, each of them being a place of extremist ideology propaganda. If the US really wanted to fight terrorism, why then was it impossible to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, so it stopped training terrorists and establishing new schools, advocating violence, in a country adjacent to Iran?

On the other hand, the US itself is not so actively fighting the terrorists. When terrorists threaten American interests, they are immediately subjected to severe bombing, with a clear statement: "Do not enter my territory!" But when the same terrorists are against the enemies of the US, they receive political and financial support from America.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the US attack on Afghanistan had caused the growth and development of "Al-Qaeda", and the result of the American attacks on Iraq and Syria is the Islamic State.

In fact, America has created two demons that sometimes get out of its control. And now, by trial and error, the US is trying to determine how it could control these "genies out of the bottle" in all situations.

A curious fact: according to the Iranian intelligence, the above-mentioned five thousand terrorists are to be placed in three different regions of Afghanistan - without the consent of the Afghan government! :

1. on the western borders of Afghanistan, where they can easily enter Iran;

2. in northern Afghanistan, on the border with Turkmenistan, to freely enter Russia and Central Asia;

3. in eastern Afghanistan, ready to go to China.

What we (Iran, - ed.) and Russia are doing in Syria should be a source of pride. Future generations will remember this time as a turning point in history. Because:

• We are extinguishing the fire fanned by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey;

• We stop the genocide of innocent people in Syria;

• We are fighting monsters coming to power that can tear the heart from the chest of the dead man and dig their fangs into it;

• We defend the peoples of our own countries: we have to defeat the enemies outside the borders of Russia and Iran so that the bombs never start falling on Tehran and Moscow.

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