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The Gloves Come Off: Media Tycoon Alex Jones to Sue Facebook and Wash Post

It. Is. On.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The threats are over, it's showtime.

Since the mafia behind the failing MSM declared all out war on alt media - epically highlighted by WaPo’s outrageous PropOrNot scandal, and Facebook’s exposure working on a Chinese censorship tool to restrict news just last month - on Thursday Dec 15, 2016, Alex Jones made his last and final threat, see video below, and the next day he came out and announced (with fury) that he actually is going to move forward with the inevitable big lawsuits that we’ve all been waiting for, see video below.

<figcaption>He's actually going to do it</figcaption>
He's actually going to do it

Yes, he’s not just taking on billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post (worth $250 million), but Snopes as well, AND Facebook herself (worth $350 billion) - and he. is. pissed.

Now, make no mistake, Facebook, Snopes, and WaPo are lawyering up right now faster than they pissed their already skid-marked knickers. Alex Jones owns one of the biggest media companies in the world (Infowars); which of course dwarfs the Washington Post. He also has alliances with many of the titans in the alt media which all combined recently conjured an influential juggernaut powerful enough to put Der Trumpen Führer in the White House. In court, Facebook's billions can't buy a jury but Alex Jones's influence can.   

Infowars is not alone of course, many others have gone public with serious plans for litigation including Naked Capitalism. Alex is as serious as a heart attack, his exact words were, “You better believe I am” and “We’re organizing a movement of class action litigants.” The last law firm that went up against him didn't just lose, it was freaking disbarred. Watch the three clips below.


The final threat:


The announcement:


And the Megyn Kelly hit peice:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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