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The Infowar Raging Around the Dutch-Ukraine Referendum - Dueling Videos

2 videos, 2 diametrically opposite version of events.   This is what infowar is all about.  Which one do you believe?

With all the discussion about how hackers and trolls are manipulating public opinion around elections, we have a very graphic example from Holland, which is holding a referendum on Wednesday about the Ukraine.

An explosive investigative piece recently appeared on Bloomberg about how hackers are wreaking havoc on elections.  It is must read information.

<figcaption>She's been exposed as a serial liar, but some bright bulb at the Pentagon decided to go with her again.</figcaption>
She's been exposed as a serial liar, but some bright bulb at the Pentagon decided to go with her again.

Take a look at these two videos.  The first is very slick and PRish, coming from the Ukrainian government (i.e. US intelligence agencies).  It throws out one blatant lie after another, that nice democratic citizens in Ukraine were cheated by their ex president, so they went out into the streets to protest, and then mean Mr. Putin invaded their country, seized their Crimea, and then had the nerve to even invade Syria!  

Bizarrely, it is headlined by the same young woman whose previous video which was very influential on EU public opinion during the 2014 revolution, was exposed as a US intelligence agency production.


This video prompted a response from American independent journalist Alexander Chopov, who has been making some excellent documentary films exposing the massive lying about what really happened in Ukraine that is common in the mainstream media.

See if you can separate the truth from the lies.


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