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Increasingly Likely Rebels Were Storing Chemical Weapons and Syrian Jets Hit Warehouse

Why else would victims show evidence of exposure to multiple poison gases?

Have you ever heard of a bomb that combines two poison gases? No? Neither have we. 

That's curious because in the April 4 Khan Shaikhun incident in Syria, chemical weapons were supposedly delivered by an air strike, specifically an Su-22 attack jet.

Except Doctors Without Borders (by no means a pro-Assad outfit) are saying that "victims bodies show evidence of two chemical weapons used".

Call us crazy but that would be perfectly consistent with the explanation the Russians provided initially (and US dismissed out of hand): that Khan Shaikhun was a storehouse for rebel chemical weapons that was hit by conventional explosive bombs by the Syrian army.

How else to account for victims having been exposed to sarin and chlorine both? An attack combining the two would make little sense, but two toxins would absolutely be stored together if the opposition indeed had both.

Indeed, a former DIA and CIA officer Philip Giraldi has raised alarm. He is saying that his friends still in the intelligence agencies consider the narrative that Assad did it a "sham" and considered going public to stop Trump's strike. According to Giraldi the US officers familiar with the intelligence actually subscribe to the Russian explanation that Syrian jets hit a rebel storage facility.


Finally, the official who led the UN-backed operation to remove Syria’s chemical weapons in 2013, one Jerry Smith, is adamant the possibility that poison gases were released when a rebel chemical weapons storage facility was hit by a conventional Syrian bomb can not be dismissed. See his appearance at Britain's Channel 4: Link.


The question Smith has is -- if this was so -- how come the weapons in Khan Shaikhun were not declared by Syria in 2013 as part of the disarmament. However if the rebels had received sarin from Turkey in 2013 as Seymour Hersh's investigation pointed at, then Syrian government would not have been aware of it.

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