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Incredible Video of Russian Special Ops Soldier Defending His Position Alone

As everyone else runs away. Reach your own conclusions about the morale and discipline of the Russian solider

I just came across an interesting, if old (2016) video.  According to this (Russian language) article, it shows a Syrian Army position attacked by a ISIS suicide bomber.  Amongst the Syrians, there is one Russian Special Operations (other sources say that he was from the Naval Infantry – probably the latter first and then into the Special Operation Forces) solider who holds his position even while all the others run.  His name is Andrei Timoshenkov.  According to several sources (including the Russian Wikipedia) the reason why Timoshenkov decided to stand his ground was the humanitarian convoy (other sources say that it was a humanitarian aid distribution point) located right behind the Syrian checkpoint.  It is hard to say whether this explanation is correct or not, but what is undeniable, is that he stood his ground while the others fled.  He stood alone and sacrificed his life rather than retreat.  His courage forced the suicide bomber to detonate his car too early to inflict any damage on the humanitarian convoy.

This reminds me of another incident during the war against Georgia in 08.08.08 when one single Russian Airborne Forces solider forced and entire convoy of Georgians to stop:

Anyway, here is the 2016 video from Syria:

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Reach your own conclusions about the morale and discipline of the Russian solider.

Source: The Saker
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