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The Il-20 Loss Is Nothing to Get Worked up About

These things will happen from time to time, and there is only so much Russia can do to push around the US, Israel and Turkey in the Middle East

These Syria events are going to happen from time to time anyway, so I don’t know if it’s worth getting too worked up over them. Putin sure isn’t. In any case, I have said more or less all that I have to say about the Syrian conflict. I lukewarmly support Russia’s intervention there, but this is tempered by my perception that Russia is ultimately only there at the sufferance of Israel, Turkey, and the US.

They set the ultimate rules of the game there. There is only so much (which is not a lot) that Russia can do to push them around. And Syria’s 85 average national IQ isn’t going anywhere. F### ups every now and then are inevitable. Some of them will kill Russians. But that’s the price of placing your training arena in the middle of a real conflict.

Russia would be stupid to forget that Syria is anything more than a training arena. Fortunately, Putin is a bit smarter than certain commenters.

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