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If You Oppose NFL Kneeling, You May Be a Victim of Russian Trolls: WaPo

This is where we're at. The most obscure internal American culture war divide may now be blamed on a large Slavic country in Eastern Europe

The Washington Post, offering no evidence, would like us to know that those dastardly Russians are at it again - using weaponized social media accounts to twist our minds over both sides of the NFL kneeling controversy. 

In short, Americans whipped up over NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem may not be in control of their own emotions thanks to "instances of accounts linked to Russian trolls" who have "weighed in" on the NFL controversy, as recently as four months ago

So, not actual Russian trolls - but Twitter accounts linked to them, and four months ago. Got it. 

Citing a report by CNN which also contains no evidence, WaPo's offers a "reminder from CNN Tech about the opportunity that Russia sees in the divide here over the anthem." 

CNN worked with researchers at Clemson University that have archived millions of tweets sent by the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll group that was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in February. The accounts' links to Russia were discovered by Twitter, which provided details about them to Congress. The data shows the trolls repeatedly weighing in on the debate, using different accounts to take both sides. While they used some accounts to push petitions to fire the protesting players, they used others to hail them as heroes.

Over the past year, social media networks have identified and removed thousands of accounts tied to the IRA. But despite the tech companies' efforts, there’s no indication that the group is shying away from the NFL controversy.


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Clemson University researchers and CNN have found instances of accounts linked to Russian trolls by Twitter weighing in on the issue as recently as May of this year. -CNN

So - four months ago, Clemson University and CNN found "instances of accounts linked to Russian trolls" weighing in on the NFL kneeling controversy - triggering feeble-minded 'Muricans into false patriotism and false protest, or something like that. 

Who needs evidence when words will suffice?

Source: Zero Hedge
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