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If Anything Americans Should Be Grateful for Their Jewish Overlords

Don't buy the propaganda. The stereotype of the Anglo "gentleman" exists only in Hollywood and Victorian fiction

The Jewish contribution to humanity so far has been immense. Completely out of this world. What Russians are to literature, Yugoslavs to basketball and Kentucky to cousin marriages, the Askenazi Jews are to science, politics and entertainment. But because the accomplishments of these former Eastern Europeans are largely achieved in the New World where now the majority of them lives, these accomplishments get incorrectly billed as "American" and claimed by Anglo-Saxons who have little to do with them.

Anyone who has had any dealings with the Anglo-Saxons, whether of the English, American or Australian variety, will know that they are an utterly unremarkable stock. They are braggarts, show offs, loud, lacking in self-awareness, ruffians, very expressive and highly unstable; capable of going from loud exuberance and euphoria into public self-pity on the turn of a dime. The chaotic, offense-sensitive brawlers of Northern England, Ulster and Appalachia – still manifested today in the football hooligan – are an entirely accurate representation of where this race was, and was going to remain at, without the civilizing touches of the Askenazim.

Anglo-Saxons before the Jewish influence set in

However blessed by a geographic position that tucked them on a island in the safest part of Europe free from any danger of the Arabs, Mongols and the Turks, and the uplifting influence of the far more hard-working and disciplined Jews, this ruffian race now has a realistic chance of having their primitive mongrel language become the scientific and literary language of a future humanity.

If anything the Americans should thank their lucky stars that since 1942 they have the majority of the world's Jewry. Sure that also means that the Jewish-American lobby (incorrectly dubbed the "Israel lobby") ensures that the US — whether the hapless Anglos really want it or not — also always supports the state of Israel, sometimes to the detriment of US interest, but certainly that is only a small price to pay for everything else the Jewish-Americans contribute. Hell, if it wasn't for Hitler killing off most of the Eastern European Jewish population perhaps today Poland would be the world's superpower.

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And our grandchildren's spelling bees would be even more messed up.

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