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How the cheap ruble helps us

We've written a lot on the site about why we think that the cheap ruble is not necessarily a bad thing for Russia.  In many ways it benefits the Russian economy.

Well, this is doubly true when it comes to Russia Insider.

We are a network of people all over the globe, but a few of us are in Russia, and we can hire and manage Russian journalists there.

So for all of you clicking our "donate" buttons, or contributing to our crowdfunding campaigns, this means you get an incredible bang for your buck.

We can hire and cover high quality office cost for highly talented Russian journalists completely fluent in English for an average of $1500 per month (at current exchange rates (60 rubles to the $). That is truly extraordinary.   It comes out to a cost per article of about $50.

Please consider this if you are making a donation.  

We promise you a big result from your contributions.



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