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How to Smear Anyone in 4 Easy Steps - A Primer From the New York Times

The Times shows how to get the job done

1.  Take completely bogus, politicized ruling from discredited political hacks.

New York Times editor Baquet - The Sulzberger's errand boy

2.  Repeat ruling as headline, making it sound like it's probably true. (For extra effect and credibility put "Breaking News" somewhere in there)

3.  Publish as prominently as possible, above the fold, top page.

4.  Obligatory picture of victim expiring on camera

Trust us, most people won't read the story, I mean, why bother, we get it already.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why mainstream media is in a fatal tailspin, and no one believes them anymore.

Thanks for the lesson, Dean Baquet, (he's the editor) at least the Sulzbergers are getting their money's worth from you.



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