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How Powerful Jews Made Deal w/ UK to Drag US Into WW1 in Exchange for Palestine, 116K Americans Died

The Balfour Declaration was the beginning of what Hitler famously called the great "stab in the back," when Jewish power betrayed Germany and cost the war.

During WW1, the most powerful Jews in the world saw an opportunity. The US public was against entering WW1, but because of their control of major media and influence on top American politicians they were financing, including the president, Woodrow Wilson, they could change that. They offered to bring the US into WW1 in return for the British empire giving them a Jewish protectorate in Palestine, which later became the state of Israel. 

A private deal between global elites that changed the course of WW1 and human history forever.

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, because it is. A real one. And it's all documented in the very public "Balfour Declaration." 

The guys at the Strike and Mike Podcast explain it all in the clip below. We highly recommend getting behind their paywall and listening to the full version.

Transcript follows below.

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Up to Argentina, to Canada, to other, to England, even, you know, there's so at the end of the USSR, you know, there's so many cases where they could go.

But in terms of Israel itself, the Haganah, which then became the IDF, was actively smuggling Jews out of Europe.

And the Nazis were looking the other way. Yeah. It was the British that didn't want it because there was a big problem keeping order with the Arabs and the Jews. So they were like putting caps on Jewish immigration because, you know, they were they sort of the Balfour Declaration gave their hand away, but they were doing the thing like we kind of need to slow boil these Palestinians.

So I have I have some I have some information about the Balfour Declaration. Basically, Lloyd George, agreed to do that. Out of desperation because the British were not doing well in the First World War. And this is so fascinating because, you know, it's funny, even like mainstream geopolitical websites, like foreign policy mag and stuff like that, when they write about the Balfour Declaration, they admit Lloyd George and Ed Balfour made that. That they came up with that in hopes of getting America into the war like this is actually mainstream. Look, this is mainstream history. They believe that in the Jewish world, conspiracy and they saw. So here's a little history of the First World War. Now, everyone knows that Warburg and Schiff were enemies of the tsar in Russia. Right. So WWI breaks out, Russia enters. Who are the Jews going to side with? They sided with Germany. OK. They were the Jews were pro German during the First World War until the Balfour Declaration. The reason they were. Was because they didn't like the Tsar. It was with the Balfour Declaration and the Bolshevik Revolution. Now, in the same year. Yes. And the figures named are Haim Weizman and Louis Brandeis. Louis Brandeis particular. A lot of people think he was just like a Supreme Court judge. No, no. He was far more than that. He's very prominent in the Woodrow Wilson administration.

Well, just a Supreme Court judge. He was only like one of the top judgeS in the court. Only one of the top guys in all country. Yeah. No, you don't.

Anyway, what was happening is that until the Balfour Declaration, American Jewry was holding up loans and aid to the allied powers in World War One. And it wasn't until the Balfour Declaration that Jews went for being neutral, American Jews being neutral in WWI to joining on the side of the allies. That that that's kind of what what the stab in the back. That's like one of the origins of the stab in the back of a stab in the back is that international Jewry initially supported Germany in the first what they supported the central powers in particular member who was in charge of Palestine at the time, or rather who who is who had that power over it was the Ottomans. Yeah, the Ottoman Empire. And they were central power countries. So it's all British stressing that to the Jews in exchange for switching sides. And lo and behold, turns the tide of the war.

And this is also interesting because, well, the British promised them Palestine if they were going to.

You know, it went public because it once the Ottomans go there like you were. It's of our interest to start promoting this. Now there there's already Jews moving into that area is already a Zionist movement that started in like the eighteen eighties. But also, yes, as you said, they were supporting Germi. You are supporting Germany. Well, because Germany was fighting against Russia.

What's the first thing?

One of the first things the Bolsheviks did when they when they pulled out of the war, the Treaty of Brest, they hauled out of the war. And not only did they pull out, they they they they ceded tons of land to the Germans. Remember, Lenin was well when he re-entered Russia. It was on a German military training.

And the hope there was their hope because they it on some level where they believed in Marxist dogma, where it was geopolitics, they thought there was going to be a communist revolution in Germany.

That's another thing people kind of forget is that they were convinced the Bolsheviks were fairly sure and the communist movement in Germany. So the Jewish communist movement in Germany, they thought they were going to take the government they thought was very, very imminent there and take that government. And then they would have a huge bloc of from Germany to Russia, solid Jewish communist bloc that had been, in their eyes, unbeatable. And then they would just temporary were all in order. They made there, too. Yes. So. So will Poland fall if you've Germany and Russia are both impulsive, a country like Poland has no right. You know. Right. So. So, yeah, it's it's quite is quite crazy. And the fact that and this is another is also is another reason they hate Hitler so much. I mean, sure, they they hate him for the oppression of Jews, but he ruined this, that his movie street movement like blocked this revolution from happening in the 1920s. Yeah. They couldn't do it because the the the Gois that would have gone the gentile Germans, it would have gone to the Communists because maybe they weren't, you know, for whatever reason they had they thought they were getting screwed by capitalism, the hyperinflation, the you know, the Western powers, like basically screwing the country over, destroying the currency, et cetera. A lot of those were bait for for communists. They would have gone to them. But here comes here comes Hitler with the National Socialist Party. They're like, oh, this is actually way better. And dude, that's.

Yeah, and that's another you know, this is this is this is from Mondo Wice, which is kind of like a dissident Jewish publication. It's about the Balfour Declaration, about how how Jews internally debate this historical moment. It says somebody keenly interested in Jewish history. I have a different angle on Balfour. The declaration marked the arrival of the Zionist lobby in international affairs, that a more fice coalition that is called the Israel Lobby or the Jewish lobby announced presence with the Balfour Promise of 1917. It is one element of the Balfour history that will not be in an atomized in the press these days because it so touches on a delicate issue. Jewish influence, widely thought to be an anti-Semitic idea, but no history of Balfours complete without understanding Zionist agency in producing the colonial entitlement. No effort to rectify Balfour will be possible without reckoning with the role of a lobby in our policymaking today. But basically the article goes on to talk about, like from primary sources, the various Israeli and British and so on, historians who have access to the British archives on how they came to the conclusion that they need to do the Balfour Declaration and basically what it was like. Boy George believed that the Protocols of Zion were real and. Yeah. And so he makes these overtures just like we're talk about Modi doing the the. Yeah. Was it the court clerk, Warren, that was just said that was just. Yeah. These people, these people, when they talk to this extent, it's because they believe they believe that Jews have power.

I mean, that's the thing. They believe in an international Jewish conspiracy, low behold. If I'm a conspiracy theorist, why these people?

Right now, things usually if I'm a conspiracy.

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