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NATO Weaponizes EU's Anti-Refugee Sentiment Against Russia

NATO wants Europeans who resent refugees to channel their anger against Vladimir Putin 'the unleasher of refugees' instead

NATO military commander Philip Breedlove howled the other day that Russia is 'weaponizing' Syrian refugees. US senator John McCain said exactly the same thing at the Munich Security Conference a couple of weeks ago. Famous "philanthropist" George Soros said the same a month ago. 

McCain, Breedlove and Soros claim that Russian combat operations in Syria are part of a wider plot to destabilize Europe by sewing divisions in the EU. Western media then uncritically picked up and transited these bizarre claims. 

<figcaption>'Refugees -- brought to you by Vladimir Putin' - End of NATO transmission</figcaption>
'Refugees -- brought to you by Vladimir Putin' - End of NATO transmission

Tara McCormack over at Spiked has a great rebuke

Kosovo has produced the third-highest number of refugees after Syria and Afghanistan, and given that it’s an EU protectorate and NATO bombed it to independence, who is doing the weapons there?  

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That's right. In fact it's not just Kosovo. Every single major refugee movement we're now seeing was facilitated by a prior NATO intervention. 

The plurality of refugees moving to EU are Syrians of which there were already 6 million who had fled Syria for Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Overwhelmingly the Syrian refugees who are now moving to Europe were already in Turkish refugee camps when Moscow's Syria intervention began. 

Moreover, the US began its direct military intervention in Syria in September of 2014, a full year before Russia in September of 2015. And had indirectly intervened and armed ("weaponized") the Syrian opposition as early as 2011 and 2012. 

Next biggest refugee flow originates from Afghanistan which had been blessed with 15 years of NATO ("International Security Assistance Force") occupation and is a US protectorate. 

The third biggest contributor to the flow of people to the EU is Kosovo which has likewise been occupied by NATO troops ("KFOR" or Kosovo Force) since distant 1999 and which, like McCormack correctly points out, is a EU protectorate. 

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The next major contributor to the refugee flow is Libya  not necessarily as a country of origin but as newly open path for African migrants to reach Europe. Previously Gaddafi had kept a lid on the population movement for the EU, but since he was ousted in 2011  by you guessed it, a NATO bombing campaign  the floodgates have opened. 

So if the refugee flow has been "weaponized" and is part of a wider ploy against the EU as Breedlove and McCain claim and western media echoes, then we have to conclude it can only be NATO that's doing the "weaponizing" and the plotting. 

The truth is that if Russian objections against western interference in Libya and Syria, and earlier campaigns had been heeded the EU would not be a facing a refugee crisis today of anything like the present proportions. Far from setting up the EU for refugee pain Russian diplomacy had acted to spare it the unforeseen consequences of NATO's military adventures.

Moreover, Russia's military intervention in Syria has prevented a US intervention of transforming that country into an jihadi-dominated failed state along Libyan lines and has probably actively saved EU from having to accept hundreds of thousands or millions of refugees more.  

As I wrote in February

EU Europe shot itself in the foot by helping US explode Libya and Syria. If anything Libya where the West ignored Moscow's warnings completely has been engulfed by even greater chaos [than Syria]. 

By staving off US intervention in Syria in 2013 and intervening to prop up failing Assad in 2015 Moscow has in fact done a huge favor to the EU. Doing so has prevented the Syrian state from spiraling into complete non-existence and the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS filling the void over as had happened in NATO-'liberated' Libya. Certainly had this taken place the number of refugees knocking on EU doors would have been even higher. 

Essentially Putin had saved the West from its own stupidity, but it's safe to say no thanks will be forthcoming. 

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Like it or not Russia is really inadvertently helping the EU and the West, despite the latter's histrionics and attempts to fight the help every step of the way. 

But what's really cynical about this move is that the western mainstream would normally condemn the politically incorrect anti-refugee sentiment, but because it thinks it can be channeled against Russia it is instead tapping into it and exploiting it. 

"If you hate the refugees, you should really, really hate Vladimir Putin who unleashed them against you" is what NATO Supreme Command is really saying. And that is nothing but an attempt to "weaponize" the EU anti-refugee sentiment against Russia.

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