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How Jewish Elites Deliberately Destroyed the Boy Scouts of America (Audio + Transcript)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Another blockbluster hot take from the FTN podcast. This excellent analysis shows yet again that if journalists are not allowed to touch on the topic of Jewish influence, they basically miss 90% of the story, in other words, they are wasting their time and yours, and not doing their job.

This is important information Americans need to know.

Transcript of this clip follows below:

From the FTN website:

Born out of the 20th century Progressive Movement, early scouting foundations wanted to create places for young men to take part in mental, physical, social, and religious development, and have opportunities to serve the social welfare of their communities. By the 1980s, the Boy Scouts of America was an almost entirely white organization that instilled order and discipline into young men. In a nation whose national religion was the ethos of WWII, such an organization could not be allowed to stand.

The ACLU flexed on the BSA in the 90s and 00s with dozens of lawsuits, complete with pro bono representation by Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen, and Hamilton. The lawsuits were followed by a corporate divestment, boycott, and sanctions style deplatforming campaign by Levi Strauss, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Pew Charitable Trust, Merck, UPS, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Chipotle, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama. Former Secretary of Israeli Defense Robert Gates put the final nail in the coffin, gaslighting scoutmasters into believing that enrollment was falling because of lack of inclusivity, not cultural/demographic shifts.

Today, the Boy Scouts of America, now re-branded Scouts BSA, is in the throes of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, rife with pedophilia, and in a downward spiral.

Full episode here.

About the FTN Podcast and the TRS Radio Network:

FTN and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

The FTN podcast in particular is hard news focused, delivering fresh dissident angles on current events that ruthlessly challenge the mainstream narrative.

Some of their episodes are free to the public, while others are behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price. We highly recommend Eric Striker's, (editor of the excellent National Justice website), and Mike Enoch's 'Strike and Mike' (1X per week) which are also more hard news focused. TDS with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), which is a less formal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show, is also excellent.


Transcript: the following is machine transcribed. There may be some errors, but it is still surprisingly accurate.

[00:00:08] 2001 kicks off this this pressure campaign against the Scouts, which culminated in their 2013 decision to relent and allow gay scouts to join. They made the classic mistake that is giving these people an inch or they would take a mile. But you know, when you when you look at what they were up against, it really is astounding how much pressure. I had totally forgotten about this. I vaguely remembered something involving the Scout Jamboree in 2013. But dude, when you when you find the full extent of the pressure campaign these people were facing by the usual suspects, it's actually fairly incredible. You know, the ACLU filing 14 separate lawsuits against the BSA from 1981 to March 2006.

[00:00:53] You had corporate partners. All of a sudden, all of these companies just wake up and decide they don't want to do business with Boy Scouts anymore. All of a sudden, you Chase Bank, Levi-Strauss Fleet Bank, c_v_s_ Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Pew Charitable Trust, all cutting their sponsorships to the Boy Scouts in 2011. Also in 2011, you were the U.P.S. Foundation cutting their donations due to widespread discrimination. 2012, Merck and Intel both withdrawn their financial support from the Scouts. Also in 2012, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both called on Boy Scouts to allow gay leaders. Mitt Romney just all wore rock ribbed conservative 2013. Lockheed Martin. Wow. Lockheed took a break from attending meetings in Israel, buying cyber reason software and support Lay announcing they would end donations unless the Boy Scouts allowed gays to lead troops.

[00:01:47] So, yeah, and this is all before all of the the outcome has come to pass on. Oh, yeah, now. But now boys in the Boy Scouts are getting raped. After all these companies and figures, Mitt Romney, Ann Chase Bank, Levi Strauss, all these companies were calling for this. And then where are they when the outcome happens? Nowhere. And of course, it doesn't just. It doesn't just ruin the Boy Scouts reputation. Any new organization that tries to start up, that is for boys to strengthen boys and to make boys into men and do all the things that the Boy Scouts originally set out to do is going to be let go. It's gonna be another like another goy rape machine. Right. Love the ALCU like. That's what it's going to be framed. It's been tainted for ever. They want to make sure that this can never happen again. They're gonna destroy the organization and then burn the bridge to allow anyone to come across and start up something else, actually. That would be modeled in a similar way because they will have stigmatized it forever.

[00:02:53] Yes. And they've pathologized any man that would want any straight man that would want to get involved in his community and help boys help young men learn these important skills. Survivalism, skills, you know, camping, hiking with shooting, whatever, whatever skills you get in the Boy Scouts. They have pathologized. Any man that would want to do that, which is, by the way, a totally normal thing to want to do to pass on your skills, the next generation. They have pathologize that as he probably wants to have sex with all those kids. Right. But this is a sort of snarky South Park type as you trivialisation and pathologizing of these guys, of these men. It's totally ruined them, right? It's totally ruin them. And so now any man that wants to get involved in his maybe his son's Boy Scout troop, if he still has a son in the scouts, he's now thinking twice because he is a totally normal man for wanting to do this. This is a healthy instinct to want to be involved in your son's life and your son's friend's life. But now he is afraid of either being pathologized and looked at by these idiots, these stupid Americans, that will look at him and think he's probably a kid molester or he'll be accused of it because of this environment that has been created through this Jewish lawfare and through this Jewish litigation.

[00:04:14] They have totally turned our natural instincts against ourselves and and ruined the connection between men and their children. And they've done this with with men and their daughters, too, but they're doing it right before our eyes with men and their sons. And it's sickening to watch this play out. And you're right, any man now the or any organization that is now founded. And I know the Mormon Church and LDS are trying to do this new one if it is founded. You can rest assured that Mormon leaders like Mitt Romney are going to be there demanding they open their doors to gay leaders. Do. And if they don't, he will start a pressure campaign, a new pressure campaign against them to make sure they allow gays into. So this rape cycle, supposed rape cycle, to whatever extent it has happened, can continue in perpetuity.

[00:04:56] Well, but here's the other thing. The the Mormon founded organization, the idea that it is going to be trying to instill the same sorts of values that the Boy Scouts. Were doing is. Yeah, probably that it's going to be gayed up from the beginning. No offense to people who are Mormon, you know. Because I know we've gotten pushback on that before. That's fine. I'm just telling you that, like. Don't don't hang your hat on, though. All the Mormons are starting up a thing that's gonna be better than the boys. And no, it's not. It's gonna be gate up from the beginning and you're gonna have pressure from the outside to destroy it. And any hint, even if it's even if it's ten times more cucked than than the Boy Scouts ultimately became. It's still going to be destroyed.

[00:05:38] They're not going to allow this to happen in anybody who tries to say, I mean, anybody who hears this analysis. And they say all this is just this is just more like, oh, it's the Jews again. Let me guess. It's like make the case that it's something else. Tell me that it's something else. Tell me that the lawsuits that the ACLU perpetrated against the Boy Scouts tell me that the corporate partners cutting the funding. Tell me all of that was just totally a coincidence. Right. They they cared so much about the Boy Scouts and the future of scouting that they had to take a stand. And it's so funny how the end result is the destruction of the organization. Tell me that it's just a coincidence. Morons. Yeah, that's what that's what conservatism will tell you. That's what the mainstream media will tell you. That's what Fox News will tell its liberals.

[00:06:33] Crazy liberals gone wild, folks.

[00:06:36] Yeah. Yeah. Jesus Christ. We have to stop these Democrats from interfering in our show. You're not gonna do anything. You're not gonna do anything. You haven't done anything. No. You sat here for five decades while your birthright was stolen from you. And all you've said is like, oh, I want a bus, black people to different schools.

[00:06:59] I want a lot more immigrants. I love immigrants. Our country was founded on immigrants.

[00:07:03] It's like and I love Israel. Right. That's always the common refrain on all this stuff. And it's like you you have a death wish. Everything you love, everything that you pretend to love that you think is great. Which in in in the silence of your own heart and in your own home, you know, is not true. These people know it's not true. People know that something's wrong. People know that the Boy Scouts, most intelligent people can figure out that the Boy Scouts is being destroyed. Most Catholics know that this was done to the Catholic Church in many ways. And yet nothing is said. Nothing is said about Jews.

[00:07:40] I know the TDS podcast guys covered the story from CBS about how Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel. I only know that you're gonna have to sign it for the paywall if you listen to that. Excellent, excellent, excellent prep that was done on the Friday TDS podcast. However, I will say in addition to their takes, this story about this Jewish, Jewish, American pedophiles hiding from justice in Israel that have escaped prosecution, the United States with help from the Jewish community in the United States. And the funniest part about it was the was the CBS reporter saying so you could say that these people are engaging in elaborate schemes to say.

[00:08:21] But but but this is an in before the EPSTEIN stuff. It's an end before for the Boy Scout stuff that it's in before for the Catholic stuff it's in in before for all this stuff so that they their own they have to clean up their own side of the street. Just a little bit. Just a little bit. Nothing's going happen. Right. And we you know, we got sort of unused cooked by Charlie Weinstein. We thought we were gonna have a verdict that would play into our confirmation bias on this. But I guess that's gonna be delayed till Monday.

[00:08:49] But in any case, we sort of see how that's going as well. Yeah. No, it's all it's all in in before for all of this. But nobody's actually going to be punished. Nothing's actually going to change about the Jewish, very Jewish American pedophiles that are escaping justice anywhere, not just in Israel. Where where are they? Where are where are Jews who are perpetrating crimes, especially egregious pedophilic crimes. Where are they not escaping justice? Answer me that while you're trying to come up with an alternative explanation for the Boy Scouts being destroyed by world Jewry.

[00:09:26] Yeah. Wait. Yeah. And you look at the the amount of accusations of Boy Scouts are facing about seventeen hundred of these lawsuits by scouts alleging they were molested. And you look at this. Seventeen hundred lawsuits as a percentage of the four million scouts the Boy Scouts had at their heyday. Even even, you know, three million at the turn of the turn of the century. And that's a very miniscule number. But for that, the organization has to be destroyed. Okay. How about we apply the same logic to the Screen Actors Guild or to Hollywood or to these media figures? Right. The not only the amount of predation that was going on, but the severity of the predation going on is significantly worse in Hollywood. It is with the scouts, like like Mike said.

[00:10:10] I mean, they're there in front of the front of the United States government arguing because they don't have a tool kit to deal with white nationalism. But where are they? Where are the hearings dealing with finding the tool kit to deal with pedophilia in Hollywood? Where's the tool kit that they need to deal with pedophilia in the Jewish synagogues and with the rabbis? We hear about it breaking out here in there. Where's the tool kit to track down international criminals all over the world like Ghislaine Maxwell? Well, the FBI is hot on the case. They're hot on the case allowing Andrew McCabe and James Comey and all that to escape any sort of prosecution while Matt gets goes out there and says it's a shame that these people are being brought to justice just like you. Matt, what are you gonna do about it, guy? What are you gonna do about it?

[00:11:00] Meanwhile, they're like, yeah, we're gonna go we're gonna go track down. We're gonna get to the bottom of Glenn Maxwell and Epstein's murder. No, you're not. You're not gonna do anything about it. In fact, all you're doing right now is as the new organizations to replace Epstein's failed one spin up. You're gonna make sure that they have cover. That's the job of the FBI and the ADL in concert with one another is to make sure these things happen. Do you think anybody would look into these industries like. A foreign aligned organization coming in and destroying the Boy Scouts is foreign meddling, it's an act of terror. You're destroying organizations from outside and basically putting putting what I would consider. What would you what would you call what would you call implanting rapists in an organization with children, James or what would you say that that is? Is that an act of terror? Does that qualify as an act of terror?

[00:11:59] Yeah. It's disgusting. And we know the toolkit for dealing with these people was the Baden-Powell favorite book.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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