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How the 'Holocaust' Lie Motivates the Left (Strike & Mike Podcast + Transcript)

Every horrific thing the Left does is motivated and justified by their belief in the 'Holocaust' lie. The reason it's okay to hate whites and turn kids into drag queens is to stop the Nazis from coming back and gassing your personal injury lawyer.

Strike and Mike lay it out in their podcast. Check out the sample, and if you like what you hear we highly recommend getting behind their paywall and listening to the full version.

Transcript follows below.

About the Strike and Mike and TRS podcasts:

Strike and Mike and the other podcasts on the TRS podcast platform have become required listening for anyone serious about understanding American politics. In a highly professional and competent manner, they analyze topics, including Jewish influence, that others won't.

Hosted by the prolific Eric Striker (editor of the excellent National Justice investigative news site, and regular contributor to the Unz Review) and alt-media heavyweight Mike Enoch. The two have great chemistry, wrapping brilliant hard news and historical analysis in abrasive humor.

Most TRS shows are free to the public, but premium content (like Strike and Mike) is behind a $10 monthly paywall, probably the best value in American journalism today because you get access to several excellent shows for that price. We highly recommend The Daily Shoah with Mike Enoch, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb, (3X per week), which is a less formal, Joe Rogan style radio talk show. For a more hard news focus, we also recommend the FTN Podcast hosted by Jazzhands McFeels and James Allsup, who deliver fresh dissident angles on mainstream topics that you simply will not hear anywhere else.


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Literally, he actually said Samir, a genocidal maniacs, and he's not actually being insincere. He believes that he was telling me that, you know, I do Holocaust revisionism because I want to normalize Hitler so that I can do the Holocaust again. That's what he thinks. That's what he thinks. And he and there's honestly tens of millions of white people that feel that way. And so when you find that white people fight you with the most resistance other than Jews. But the people that fight you with the most resistance are people that snitch on you at work. The people that will dock's you. The people that will virtue's signal that will disown you. These people, when you think that they're doing it like it. Some of them are doing it for fame, for verve or prestige. An upcoming has been a lot of them are doing it because they really do believe that they're stopping an atrocity in its tracks. Well, there's a reason, I believe, that the reason they fucking believe that is because they were brainwashed with this Holocaust crap, saying that any. This is what this is what they believe is a Yahshua book promotes all populism is Nazi ism. So anytime someone speaks up for the majority, it's a demagogic form of rehashed Naziism. That's what they.

The next thing that comes in there and they always say it sounds good, but the next thing it comes is the gas chamber. This is what they think. And there are movies and entertainment products that they absorb that doubled down on this. Like we talk about that. Well, that's recent Netflix. This is one example I thought my head, that recent Netflix movie where that black chick goes through time to kill people and she's like killing people in this brutal way. And you're like, whoas chick is evil. A lot of chick and you find out. Yeah. Oh, she was killing the people that were going to, if they live big, make a white nationalist movement and like kill the rest of the people on earth. Yeah. Literally she come from a future where white nationals take over America and start killing all non whites in the world. Right. That is a ridiculous fucking plot. But it seems plausible when you've had 20 years of Holocaust indoctrination, 20 years or 20 years for the individual person that's 20 years old. Oh, yeah. Not even the cultures had seventy five years of it.

But there's a reason why so many young white people, they get to the age of 18 without any of these feelings and they come out of college with them. OK. And the reason for that is because college, they teach them the Holocaust crap. They also teaches them in school.

So, you know.

In fact, we have I'd have to go back and find these and we have quotes or so not not air quotes, offhand discussions, people talk about the American education system and the Jews that run it, and they do run it, as you said. What is it the teachers union head is. Yeah. Yeah. Randi Weingarten will tell you. I think Randi Weingarten herself has said, you know, one of the fundamental objectives, but really the fundamental objective of the U.S. school system is Holocaust education. Yes. That is there. They don't care if you can do math.

Just do it, man.

They don't want you to do math matters. You shouldn't be allowed to do it because that's why that's why you call. Because the only way these numbers don't add a balloon or what I teach a common cause so that you do math wrong. So it adds up to six million for every Common Core math question is just six million. So you get a hundred on that test or other. No.

Oh, no. Too much. No, it's absolutely true, though. Like, they don't give a shit if you know how to read something like the blacks. A definite 30 percent of middle school students in New York don't know how to read. Like it's 30 percent. Yeah, well, but the point is, though, is that they don't skip a beat with Holocaust lessons.

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