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How East Ukraine Children Live With Bombings - A Local Mayor Explains (Russian TV News)

“Our children will go to school, their children will be held up in basements.” – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The disgusting and shameful words issued by Ukrainian President Poroshenko prove true every day in Eastern Ukraine: “Our Children will go to school - theirs will be hiding in bomb shelters.”

This is how the “peaceful reformer” of the “revolution of dignity” backed by the West, has been leading his country since 2014, in the open slaughter of Russian-Ukrainian children. It is absolutely disgusting, but this latest video from the Russian evening news only serves as further proof of something Russia, and the entire sane world knows – what is going on in Eastern Ukraine is a war crime of the highest caliber.

In the video below, you’ll hear the mayor of Horlovka, a city in Donbas, describe the heartbreaking realities of normal life, as half the “civilized, humanitarian” world turns a blind eye. Schools are being closed to spread children further apart, reducing the chance of a mass bombing, the only ambulance station was struck, and meanwhile, westerners sit around talking about how above it all they are in Starbucks, as their governments arm Kiev. The full transcript is provided at the bottom of the article, click here to skip to it.

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Horlovka (also spelled Gorlovka in standard Russian, or Horlivka in Ukrainian) was a beautiful, peaceful place before the war; it was no resort city, but it had an industrial charm to it.

Most of all, it is home to one of the most beautiful Iconostas (icon walls) I have ever seen in such a small provincial town, located in the main cathedral.

This iconostas located in Theophany Cathedral is an example of the amazing beauty you can find throughout Eastern Europe, that never gets publicity in the west, like this monastery in Crimea carved into the side of a mountain.

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Just look at all the detail, the love and care the people of this modest city put into their churches. It is true that in some of the poorest villages you can still find ornately decorated churches, because it is in our communal nature as a people to take care of our churches and lands before ourselves.

Now, this church belonging to the canonical Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, has opened its doors to the people whom the government has abandoned to death.

It has become a bomb shelter for citizens trying to escape the slaughter of the treasonous regime occupying Kiev. And I assure you no one in this church asks or cares which language a refugee speaks. Even my pronunciation of the city’s name is “surzhik”, a dialect between Russian and Ukrainian. This is the way Ukraine was prior to the war, it did not matter what part of the country you were from, we are all human, and we are one Rus’ people. And they are being put to fire and sword.

Annunciation Church burning in Ukraine, a result of bombing, note the children's playground on the right.

It should not matter which country these children are from, the fact that ANY children in ANY place are hiding in bomb shelters, in the 21st century, should disgust everybody. It should certainly disgust the “humanitarian superpowers” now rearming Kiev for another genocidal campaign against Ukrainian citizens.

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Video Transcript:


- Ivan Sergeevich, the American special envoy, and our guys, found the situation in Donbass to be getting worse. What's going on now, especially in Horlivka? How many people have been injured? What is the number of victims in neighboring cities? Where did they shoot? What did they hit? What did they destroy?

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Mayor Ivan Prihodko, head of administration in Horlivka:

- To my disappointment, Volker keeps stating the fact that they are fighting against their own people. And they think that we occupied the territory where we live. Also to my disappointment, I have to say that the situation heated up in the last 2 weeks.

- Last 2 weeks? Not on the night of December 18th to 19th?

- Yes, it is the day when the central part of Horlivka was shelled for the first time in 18 months. The Komsomolets district was shelled. A nine-story residential building was hit. They almost hit the kindergarten, just like what happened in Golma. During the last month, Golma was shelled with 82mm mortars after Hladosovo was captured. Now the Ukrainian Army uses 152mm heavy artillery systems. The day before yesterday, a kindergarten was shelled. The day before yesterday, the only ambulance station in Hladosovo was shelled. For the very first time in two and a half years, we had to start doing distance learning for children. Today we closed 2 kindergartens.

- Are schools still not working?

- We had to switch it to a distance learning program. And we closed 2 kindergartens and, for the children's safety, closed two schools due to the worsening situation.

Two people were injured in the last two days. Thank God they have only minor injuries. Over the course of 3 years of the war, the residents of Horlivka and Golma have gotten used to this situation. That's why they manage to take cover. Yesterday, I gave an order to unlock all the entrance halls in the city again due to the worsening situation.

- What do you mean?

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- We shut off all the electronic locks to building entrances so that people could take cover in the entrance halls when the bombing begins. We opened all the basements again. We didn't do this in the last 18 months. This is the situation that we have right now.

- Some are saying that the Ukrainians are merely returning fire. That you started this.

- You know what? For 3 years the command staff of Kiev’s "anti-terrorist operation" has kept saying that we were shelling ourselves. Now it's their turn to say that they are shelling themselves. Period.

Horlovka and her countryside

Above a view of the city, known for chemical and coal industry, below the industrial works.

Below the Iron Valley River

The Famous Mines of Horlovka

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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