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How the CIA and Israel Eavesdropped on Every EU Government From the 1970s to Today (FTN Podcast, Audio + Transcript)

Another great deep-dive. Turns out that a Swiss company which provided encryption services to most of the governments of the world for over 40 years was a CIA front, and surprise, surprise, set up by Jews, and gave privileged access to Israel. 

From the FTN Website:

Crypto AG, got its first break with a contract to build code-making machines during World War II. Flush with cash from secret investors, it became a dominant maker of encryption devices for decades, making millions of dollars selling equipment to more than 120 countries well into the 21st century. Its clients included Iran, military juntas in Latin America, nuclear rivals India and Pakistan, and even the Vatican.

What no one knew until now was that Crypto AG was front owned by the CIA, and for a time, German intel. They rigged the company’s devices so they could break codes that countries used to send encrypted messages on the devices Crypto sold them.

Jazz and James dig into Crypto AG in this clip.

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Transcript follows below.

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And now back to Fash The Nation, heard only on the TRS radio network.

Welcome back to FTN.

And as just mentioned before the break, we're going to be diving in to some more tech stuff.

A couple of different tech topics and a story that almost went through, you know, went through unnoticed, but was was saved, I guess, and brought to our attention by a good friend of the show. You know who you are. And that's a story about this CIA program that has existed for in some form or another for about 70 years now since the end of World War Two, where jazz I mean, this is you know, this is another one of those things, sort of like the NSA, like the Israeli spy tech stuff we've covered, where you have a feeling that this exists, but you don't know if it really does exist. So then when you find out that it does actually exist, it's not that shocking at the same time. You know, the hubris and the ability to to do what they've done here. It still does. It's still a surprise you to a degree. And of course, this is the story about the CIA and this shell company that they controlled for about 70 years. Crypto Agee using encrypted devices not only to spy on Americans as they have been using Israeli spy tech, not only to spy on on foreign governments and their communications, but to spy on the encrypted communications of just about every single foreign government and foreign intelligence agency in the world. And they were able to do this by controlling these singular company that produced all of this encryption technology. And this goes back to even when encryption was done on analog devices. It's pretty incredible jazz. I did not. I don't know. Did you would you have expected something like this to have existed before hearing about this?

I mean, the assumption is, is that, you know, most of these countries that were being spied on should have known that they didn't weren't talking in complete privacy, but they assumed since they were sold this technology and sold what they thought was the very best encryption technology available at that time, they would be protected. That, in fact, that was the selling point, is that if you buy this, you can have conversations, diplomatic cables, whatever, with other countries or other, you know, your own diplomats or whomever. And if you encrypt it using this technology, sometimes analog, later digital, then you will be safe. No one can see what you're saying. You can rest assured that the conversations that you're having are in private and, you know, fed posts to your heart's content. Little third world banana dictatorship or whatever. I mean, whoever it is. And yeah, we're going to unpack this whole thing. But this is an article that was in The Washington Post in February, just says the coronavirus pandemic was starting to spin up. People most people are still in just the flu bro mode. I am a never just the flu bro mode guy was never in that position.

It's always a good place to be. And so this is something that was not talked about very much. You would think that a lot of time would be spent on this. But this is embarrassing for a lot of people. It's embarrassing for the United States government. And basically its people have found out that the the big elephant in the room, the empire, the American empire, has been lying to everyone since the end of World War Two and not even just like Nigeria and Iran and not even to put Iran in the same bucket as Nigeria, but not even like America's traditional enemies. That should not be enemies, but Iran and China and Russia and some others. And they spied on Iran that inspired Russia, but because Russia was smart enough never to buy this fucking product. But they they did this in such a way that there was nobody left unscathed except for the smarter people, but they were even spying on our some of our closest allies. And I'm even talking about our greatest ally. I'm talking about our closest allies.

I mean, Germany, France. Nate, you know, white European nations were subjected to this. And it's it's amazing what they pulled off. And it also completes part of the puzzle, too, because this company was disbanded in 2018.

And now we see why Bill Bar all of a sudden has this this this animus for demanding a back door from the tech companies into encryption, because this this whole thing has been made obsolete.

And that's how we're finding out about it now. The thing I am shocked about, James, is that we found out about this at all. This is something that you thought would be made up Celesio. And then it would just go away. And it it it didn't go away and it's it's come back. And a lot of people that they wanted to talk to about this whole thing are either dead, which is convenient. Right. They died of old age. One guy was killed on the D.C. Beltway with due to unknown circumstances or they just don't want to talk to anybody. A lot of the people that were reached out to for this article did not want to comment. And I'm not surprised.

Yeah. And and they had you know, they've been blundering their way through this since the 80s. I mean, there were a few close calls with Reagan.

You know, sort of blowing the lid on this accidentally and revealing some intelligence that that they would have had no other way of having with regard to like Libyan internal communications.

And so they gave their Reagan himself ragged himself, like, let everybody know that. Yeah. He kind of tipped his hand. I mean it was nineteen eighty six. So he was sort of already starting to head into that that great darkness driven speak drifting into senility. Sure. Yeah. Drifting in senility in gives away the game.

And I'm sure there were like six million Neo-Cons all crying out in anguish like ripping their hair out in their blazer and glasses and some in some office in D.C. like, oh, god, he's gonna give away the game because this is really when you talk about Jewish tricks. This is this right here. What we're about to talk about is one of the greatest Jewish tricks that they've managed to pull off. And it isn't inherently Jewish.

It is. And Israel, as you mentioned, is is tied up into this. So this is the piece from The Washington Post. And and we'll go beyond The Washington Post reporting, of course, because they leave out some very key details about how this company came about and who else was benefiting from this little intelligence sharing arrangement, which we'll get into. But the company name is Krypto A-G, and they were based in name in Switzerland. Right. Good old neutral Switzerland. So people thought, oh, it's you know, it's Swiss, they're neutral. And so, you know, just a tech company not knowing it was a CIA front. And over the years, over the last 70 or so years, they made millions of dollars selling this decryption and encryption technology to more than 120 different countries. They did sell this tech to Iran, to Iran, to countries in Latin America, India, Pakistan, the Vatican, you name it, with the exception, as you mentioned, of Russia and China and a few others. But what none of these countries knew was the crypto agee was secretly owned by the CIA and it arose out of a classified partnership with former West German intelligence. And, you know, this operation was known in the US by. By CIA operatives as Operation Thesaurus or Operation Rubicon. And it was born out of, as you mentioned, World War Two alliances. But our world worked two allies. You know, U.K., France, they had no idea what was going on here and they had no idea that they were actually some of the victims of this little op. So.

Oh, so h hold on one one thing before I go any further, because I'm sitting here, you know, and I know this whole story, but I'm I'm listening to it with an objective ear like ear, somebody listening to this program perhaps for the first time or, you know, you've heard stories, similar stories like this before. And the thing because they're talking about cue narratives on on tedious Orian to talk about the five G stuff a little bit later today, if we have time and these these fake and gay conspiracies that have similar complex narratives to explain how things are being done and how certain groups are being fucked. And usually in the case of low KUA, none low IQ. And on narratives, it's like a white guy is the perpetrator and Jews are the victim. Right. Like The New York Times is anti-Semitic, for example, or like whatever. And just so people know it, because I know if you're a paid chad, like you get it, like you've been here, you worked hard and you got here.

You understand that the story that we're telling you and anybody who's new, perhaps you can go out and verify every single aspect of this. This is not a narrative about like here's what Bill Barr is going to do next election. You know, here's how Donald Trump is going to arrest all these Vatican pedophiles and love LA. And by the way, I love Jews in Israel.

It is this is something that had been gone. We usually talk about things that have already happened because we know for certain what went on. And this is something that happened immediately in the aftermath of World War Two. Just like every bad thing that we are living with today, every bad thing that we're living with today is an outgrowth of the end of World War Two and all of the outcome of that. And a lot of it, 1965. This began back then. And all of this is verifiable. You can go back and look at all of this and you can see what they did. And there's nothing in dispute about any of this. There's no conjecture here. There's no projection. There's no nothing. This is all like valid fact. And when you put it all together and see what has been done. And look at this as one major lever of control that they had. Jews specifically via the American empire over literally every other country on the planet. It's really a sight to behold.

And the fact that they've lost it is another whole thing like that. They're basically operating in the dark right now. Right. So, yeah, it's pretty incredible. Just wanted to because people are like listening to this and you hear all the interconnections and the complexity of the story. It's it's it's 100 percent true. Like these are the conspiracies that we would want everybody to care about, the people that have all this pent up energy that are focused on like burning five gymnasts and God knows what else.

Would it be great like if you had 300 million people in the country, let's say twenty million people in the country who are, Midwin, enough to understand the fuckery here who are getting upset about this. Can't have that right. Can't have that now. So. Yeah. Anyway, sorry.

Continue it. Especially, you know, especially all of the energy that has been tapped into at various points even in the last 20 years, anti-imperial, I guess, or anti-war instincts that so many people have. The majority of Americans have these instincts. This is a fantastic example of the U.S. acting not only as the world police, as the saying goes, but as the world's surveillance agency. And this is something that if you put in front of the Americans that are instinctively anti-intervention, this is something that people are going to be disgusted by and are going to be and start wondering, well, why were we doing this in the first place? Why was this any of our business? And who was this really designed to secure? Who is benefiting from this intelligence?

Well, people should look beyond even like you might. People might be thinking of the metaphor in their head wall. Just the US is like the scorned ex girlfriend who's like reading all your text messages or something.

It's like, no, they were very concerned about what literally every other country in the world was saying about them, especially in the aftermath of World War 2, because I think they were sort of surprised that they won World War 2, like they don't realize how lucky they were. Like Hitler very easily could have won World War Two. And when they got that victory and somehow made it happen and everything and we would talk about this all the time, tedious talks about all the time, every construct that has been set up in this aftermath, post-World War Two, it has been to stop another Hitler.

It's been to stop another resistance has been to stop anti-Israeli sentiment. And they were so freaked out that they had to set this up in a way where they knew what everybody else was saying, doing, thinking, acting, bragging about planning, because they they were about to make some very big moves over the coming decades. And they had to know it was a operational insecurity was a risk, a huge risk. They didn't know.

So and with the foundation of Israel in 1948, you have quite a few incensed Arab countries that want to, you know, reverse the outcome of that decision. And they need to be, you know, tab's need to be kept on these on these countries. Right. And that's that's what they were doing with a lot of this a lot of this programming. And so, yeah, I mean, around that time, 1952 is when there's company. Krypto Wagih is founded by a guy, Jazz. We were we were both intently, just like smashing the early life buttons and came up with some some interesting conclusions, some nuanced conclusions here about Mr. Boris Hagelin, who is described as a Russian born Swede and his family. They did like the grand tour of Stands and Bijani usedand like these weird middle European countries, bordered Azerbaijan to a family of globe travelling cosmopolitans. His father worked in Turkey. He was born in Azerbaijan. But his family, as soon as the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks won the day in Russia, they darted on back to the lab in Russia.

Amazing. Yeah. Wow. What's that? What's that all about? It's almost like the GDR started pinging them and come on home, right?

As Russian borders, weed in ears and noses perked up and and packed the bags and at Trull Little North. So then he goes and he attends school in Sweden. And at the beginning of World War 2, hegland moved from Sweden to Swiss Switzerland, where after what, six countries now? Then he moved to Germany. Then he moved to Berlin. Then he moved to Genoa. Then he moved to Scandinavia. And then he flees Scandinavia. This is all in the course of, what, three years in 1940. He flees Sweden to come to the US writers excuse me, flees Norway right. As the Nazis liked by it.

9th Country fleeing to the United States in the end of the world became very interesting because I think it.

Were there are a lot of Swedes, like actual Swedes fleeing Europe?

No, there weren't.

The people living here. I mean, is so there's this. This guy stinks to high heaven. But this is the founder. This is the guy at the center of it all right now.

He's the founder. And I mean, fleeing Europe is one thing, right? You could say, all right, there is coming destruction and disruption and people want to get out. But you couple that with his father's decision to move the family back to Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. Yeah, it's a pretty interesting set of circumstances. So we can't say definitively. But, you know, those are the facts and you can verify those all you want. And after the war, Hagelin moved back to Switzerland. He fled the U.S. back to Switzerland, and he continued working on encryption machines. And at some point he moved, but not as good as the Nazi's enigma like.

That was the one thing about this whole story is they never even came close to anything as cool as Enigma. Like, it was all like cheap knockoff like. So they tried really, really hard to do it once again. Ziller Is why the United States ever got to the moon was because of Nazi scientists, and they've tried really hard to duplicate the encryption machines and they just couldn't do it. So that's kind of funny to see them try.

Yeah, no, that's the story for so many technologies, whether it's rockets or automobiles or encryption is the Germans were head and shoulders above the west. And the reason the West was able to have these massive advances in technology in the 50s was not because of, you know, suddenly unlocked American ingenuity. Largely it was due to the importation of event and theft of science.

You mean it wasn't an outgrowth of the civil rights movement? James, it wasn't the the hidden figures in the U.S. space agencies that were that were helping out with this stuff. I mean, surely diversity is our greatest strength. Oh, actually, you know what? It might've been all the Jews coming into our country. That is what really improved the status of Americans. We were just rugged, you know, troglodytes before any of them showed up and they brought us. That's what the 50s were. So gold is such as a golden era, right? James?

Yeah, we were just sort of a society of backwoods cowpokes before we were enlightened by people like William Freedman, who was the premier U.S. cryptologist and the head of the National Security Agency, who got in contact with Hagelin and twisted some elbows to get him to agree to sell the most advanced machines he was making only to the US and to countries on a list approved by the US while selling the older machines that were penetrable to everybody else. So they got this exclusive contract. Well, basically free.

Sorry to interrupt you again, but Friedman is 100 percent confirmed Jewish. If you go to the NSA, his own p_d_f_ like story on this guy, the U.S. cryptologist from the NSA. Friedman is like 100 percent Jew and very involved in like Jewish causes and everything else. And so hegland, you know, he was a guy who was interested in encryption and don't know what the outcome of hegland would have been on his own. You know, obviously, he's a globe trotting cosmopolitan, ended up back in Switzerland after the war building these encryption machines, you know, but it was Friedman. So regardless of what Hoagland's background is, it was the actual identifiable, verifiable Jew from the NSA top cryptologist who gets involved and starts persuading hegland, at least if we read this at face value to start juking the sales of these machines to countries approved by Washington, like you said, vs. the ones that they knew, the rigged machines that were sold to others. And so, yeah, the whole I mean, from the genesis of this thing, this was never an innocent operation.

You can know that. You can make I guess some cold warriors could make the case would try to make this haphazard case that this is necessary in the face of the evil empire.

And it's like, no, it started with Jews to spy on everybody else. Case closed. Like that's that's what it was.

Right. And yeah. And again, the Russians never bought this technology. Right. So this this was not used to spy on the Soviet Union. Maybe you could say it was used to spy on some Soviet client states or something. But that again, that wasn't the point here. And so when Hagelin retired and he had moved back to the US by this point, the French government actually made an effort to buy the company.

But he says he stepped in and said, yeah, and that deal is not going to happen. You're going to sell your company to us and the US and Germany. West Germany stepped in and said, yeah, here's a six million dollars and we're buying this thing up. And by the way, the French cannot be a part of this. Don't whatever you do, do not involve the French. And you're gonna find out why the French were not involved in this deal because they were one of the targets of it.

It actually makes a lot of sense that the Russians never bought this. Now they use the excuse that. They use is that Russia was had deep scepticism of like a Western company in Switzerland called Crypto. I mean, sure, if you want to say that. But what's interesting about this is if if it really was an A B test and this really was the genesis was Judaism and Judaism set this up to spy on everyone. It would. Why would they spy on themselves? Right. Like if the Soviet Union was the a/b test, why would they spy on themselves? Of course they want to spy on this, the client states. It's important to have all these client states like Romania and Turkey and like all these different, you know, all these different orbits of Russia. But why would you want to spy on Russia itself? It's like I don't know. It would be like D.C. spying on D.C. doesn't make any sense. I mean, I don't know. I'm just say it like it's funny. When you look at the map of the places that did not have the software or had not purchased the suffer, it's like. OK. So the cover story is Russia was skeptical of the West. Sure.

Yeah. Well. And so as it turns out again. Yeah.

The the client states were caught up in this, but the main targets were Western European countries, including France. So France was it was pushed out of this deal in 1970. And from that point on, the CIA and the NSA and the partners in the West German intelligence agencies, they became intimately involved. They essentially took control of his company. They designed the tech. They instituted backdoors in the algorithms. They directed the sales. They were in charge of who got what technology and who was listening to the information being passed back and forth on that technology. And the other aspect here, too, is that these companies in these countries were paying top dollar for this technology. And in the 60s, by the 60s, this was all digital. Right. And so these countries were paying millions and millions of dollars for this brand new, very high tech digital encrypted communication software. And there was an office in Washington, in an office in West Germany, in an office presumably in Tel Aviv, dedicated to processing and listening and cataloging every single communication that came through the software. And this report came out and I mean, event, event that happened in the 20th century, you name it. There were spies listening to it. They monitored the seventy nine hostage crisis with Iran. They passed intelligence about the Falklands War to the UK. They were monitoring the activities of South American dictators and, you know, Libyan officials. And they were keeping a keen eye towards all of these around the world, regardless of continent.

They were watching and they were using the information that they had in in their diplomat relations as well. So intimate, like if you're a country and this is this is what's happening now. Good friend of ours gave us some some stuff that we translated to read what what other governments are saying about this as well. And they're very angry. They're very upset. I mean, implying that they can do anything about it. And I'm not saying that with like an American like bravado, but like the idea that, you know, that they were gonna do anything about it or that there's gonna be some action. I think that's always sort of a thing that people fall into a trap that people fall into that it's like, OK, like something happened. It's like now, now. Whereas CGI explosion that I'm expecting to happen. And that's not that's not how this works. But what it does do is that it causes all of these governments and they're already looking at this is looking back and saying, wait, the United States government told me X, Y and Z, and then they did this instead. And they would have known that. I mean, there's connecting all the dots. They would have known that we were talking about these things. Now, you can make the argument that some of these countries should have known that the U.S. was listening to what they're saying. Right. They should have known that everything that they said would have been picked up or whatever. They shouldn't have put much trust. But the fact of the matter is that doesn't seem to be true, because the things that they did and they said the United States took complete advantage of, made a lot of money off of took the money from these governments over and over because they'd come out with a new machine. Right. They'd have the HSC 750. And then the next year they'd come out with the H C nine fifty and they'd sell you the new one.

And a lot of these, you know, shit tier tinpot governments didn't buy a new machine because they couldn't afford a new one. And that's just as well for for crypto A-G because they can just it's like, all right, well they're using this level of algorithm from this year and we'll just keep listening to what they're saying. But yeah, they had like a batch of machines that were known good according to this this release and a batch of machines that were rigged. Now, what I don't necessarily believe is that the batch of machines that were considered encrypted like that they didn't have. They weren't cooking the algorithms. I don't necessarily believe that that's true. Now, I'm not trying to throw skepticism to the entire thing, but when you find out that some of these countries, Germany in particular, was kind of upset about this toward the end because Germany found out that they were listening. Well, we found out in the Edward Snowden papers that they were listening in on Angela Merkel's phone calls. And the Germans were like kind of just like, oh, what the fuck? I thought I thought we were. And that actually made it. What's interesting about the story is the goys that we're involved in this got very uncomfortable when they found out that they were cooking the algorithms or there were vulnerabilities because they thought operating in good faith, crypto Jesus, they had vulnerabilities in their software. James. Right. We've got to fix these vulnerabilities. But no, it was actually intentional problems in the Goys.

Goys had problems with this, but people would justify this in the sort of buma rationale. It's like, well, the United States has to sort of understand what these third world shitbird countries are up to, right. They have to understand what's happening. And in whatever in East Asia, we've always been at war with East Asia. But, you know, the thing is, is that they were spying on everybody. And that's why I don't believe necessarily that there was a good batch of machines and a bad batch of machines. I think that they had the keys to the castle and all of the people who they really didn't want them to know that they were spying on were also being spied on. Germany, France, the five eyes. What is it? Canada, Australia, Great Britain? I forget the other ones. It's like five eyes. And I live in the circle of trust, allegedly. But what we found out like two years ago that the US was spying on the UK, even though they're one of the five countries in the UK. It's like what are they going to do? Get mad? Like big bomb but bomb America? No. And again, I don't say that with bravado. I'm just saying that, you know, it's like you get kicked off a Twitter. It's like, OK. And what next? What what are you doing now? I mean, you know, it's it's like France finds out that the United States has been spying on them. It's like, OK, well, what's France going to do about that? Nothing.

But maybe they should have come to DC and started licking the windows and demanding to be treated better.

Yeah, but see, that's the thing. Is, in nineteen fifty five, if these countries had found out that the United States was doing this, it might have been a different outcome.

But then know in the 1950s right. With these third world countries, you know, if you get out about this you would have like like a million man likes. Like I don't know can Cambodians or something would've been like rioting in the streets and expelling U.S. occupation forces. Right.

This is this is before the governments of their governments would have with them upright like or there would have been an actual military action taking place. I mean, we had a lot of hostile conflicts, real or imagined, since World War Two. And yet it is only because we had all this information.

But see, that's the key to this thing is, is this went from analogue, as you mentioned, to this. It was this machine with like a crank similar to an enigma. But like a Jewish version of it, Nygma just a shitty like thing with a crank.

And then it became more digitized. And then eventually the advent of integrated circuits made it. And they knew this at the time. They knew that this was coming, that eventually this would become something that they wouldn't have the corner of the market on. Because part of what Friedman did with hegland too, was they the NSA and the CIA together paid these guys to make sure that they had the corner of the market. They they eliminated all their competition. They made sure that there was no other encryption company that could stand up anything as a competitor. They made sure that anybody in this business would be on the payroll of crypto A-G. And there was a lot of money put into people's pockets during this time to make sure. But eventually they couldn't control the evolution of technology. And I think that's been one of the things that that Jews have been the most upset about, as is is uncontrolled mass media and the advent of the Internet and then things like this, because they would have liked this to have gone on forever, forever and ever, and nobody would ever find out about it. They make millions of dollars off of it. Nobody finds out they control the software. It's a monopoly forever. But no. Now you have encryption on your phone. And this is what Bill have upset about. This is why he's screaming, because this whole operation got made obsolete. That's how we know about it. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't even know about this.

Right. And that's what that's why they're willing to burn this now. And the US government was also I mean, outside of the CIA, the US government was, you know, they would issue grants to countries so they could buy specifically so they could buy this crypto A-G software. There's a story in this Washington Post report about one of these African countries that was given a grant so they could buy the.

New-agey computers. And then they really sort of let me subsidize.

I want to hear what y'all are talking about. Let me subsidize your conversation to speak very loudly into my hat.

Right. Make sure your clicks are discernible when we try to pick them up on our computers and then they listen in for a year and they don't get any information. And so they send a sales rep back around to this African country and they discover them literally still in the shrink wrap. Like in an airport hangar.

Oh, my God. Yeah.

But yeah. So this is the problem that they have now, is that is that, you know, your name, your your secure encrypted messaging app, it's more secure than than these proprietary systems that these these states may have set up or may have been using or even this some crypto e.g. software. So it's become obsolete now even though it's obsolete. There are still companies excuse me, still countries using this across the world. Dozens of countries across the world still use crypto e.g. software. But as you mentioned, the company was liquidated in 2018. And because this was done in Liechtenstein, which is a country with the Cayman Islands, Eske privacy laws, you know, it was not supposed to come out who these who these new companies are. Right. This was split off into two totally new companies. So I won security.

Not not just that. What we do not know and what we probably will never know is the original shareholders, because it wasn't just CIA sets up shell company that is owned by CIA. There were private investors that made this possible. CIA and NSA just ran the show. And Boris Hagelin and Boris hegland supplied the technology. William Freedman ran the show. CIA, NSA basically controlled the operation, but there were private shareholders that had to sell their shares out to these new companies that you're about to talk about. We will never know who those people are. At least knock on wood. We we're not going to know. Well, knock on wood. I hope we find out who they are, but we don't know who they are. We don't know who they were sold to. We don't know how this was spun off. And we probably never will. I mean, I could make some guesses. And actually, I'm sure we're probably not surprised if we were told the names of the people who owned these companies.

But anyway, well, if it's anything similar to the names of the people that purchased these shares through these new shell companies that were setup in 2018, you know, it it would not come as a surprise to anybody involved. Right. So Crypto Wagih, which is the Hagelin company, splits up and into the international division, which is Crypto International A-G and the national business in Switzerland. Crypto e-vites A-G on twenty eighteen. OK, new companies, Fresh Start. And you know, these new companies claim we knew nothing about what was going on before. We had no idea that this company was essentially a CIA front.

Not even no idea. There is one guy who like issued a straight up denial. He was just like, I swear, if this were happening under under my nose, I would be a shame on my family and I would be so embarrassed and so upset. There's no way that anything like this could have ever been happening on my watch. Slate OK. Yeah, sure.

All right. And so then Kryptos, right age. You changed his name to say one security. So now we have these two separate companies that are still servicing these these encryption encryption programs in use by companies across the country against countries across the world. And, you know, let's take a look at the the the board of CI One, which is again, one of these two companies led by a guy named Giuliano Off, who was the former CEO of Crypto A.G.. Yeah. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss, Robert Shlub and Thomas Meyer, who is the CEO of a company called Info Guard. And this new company will be focusing on cyber defense solutions for the Swiss market. On and on and on. So, yeah, I mean, essentially no change in what they'll be doing. It's just a rebrand. They get to claim they wash their hands of it.

But yeah, of course it's not well-but but it's obsolete though like they will still. I mean these organizations essentially are there to pick up the communications for boobs out in the world who are still using these devices. Essentially people who I don't know don't want to read the liberal Washington boast out there in the world, whatever, or who can't read or who don't read or who if, you know, in some African government, you know, had some guy who could read it for them is like me, don't care about this. So won't give me a I don't know whatever the phone. Give me like a bunch of like white women or something.

Who knows what the future looks like. A gold plated Mercedes. Six by six. Like like fuck this computer bullshit.

Yeah. Like Sarah we have a we have an intel briefing for you based on what the ameri-. I had been doing for the last five or six decades, it's really important not not now, not now.

It's OK, guy. But yeah, I mean, that's that's what this is. And they got caught.

They're there. Their operation, their gay OP is obsolete. But the it's still reaping benefits for that from the people who are still using this. But see, that's the thing is like if if you were some African with a smartphone, you would be better off using the smartphone to do diplomatic cables than you would the shitty teletype machine or whatever it is you're using, just get, I don't know, get get an app with in the ocean, you know.

Come on.

You might as well in. You know, social distancing in Africa. They might as well just do their African Parliament meetings over WhatsApp. That's is going to be more secure than by the. They can't throw you can't throw chairs. Set each other on that. Yeah. True that. Yeah. That does present some. Yeah, that sucks. But you know you look at the list of clients who they had under the yoke here, Saudi Arabia which was Kryptos biggest customer followed by Iran. Italy. Indonesia. Iraq. Libya. Jordan. South Korea. And and this was all going back to the 1980s. Right. And at the time, you know, this data, they tell the story in this piece in the 1978 summit between the leaders of Egypt, Israel and the US at Camp David, where they were sitting down with Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian president, and the entire time the the they would have the meetings during the day and then the delegations would would disperse. And, you know, the NSA would just pick up the headset and listen in to what the Egyptians were were talking about. And so they they knew exactly what they could leverage in these discussions. And who was this for the benefit of, you ask? Well, Israel was obviously a direct participant in this discussion in the 70s.

But beyond that, Israel was one of the four countries. There were four countries that were part of an intelligence sharing operation. And Washington Post actually doesn't report this. There were four countries that received at least some, if not all, of the intel that the U.S. was able to gather as a result of his operation. It was Britain, Sweden, Switzerland and, of course, Israel. And these were the senior partners that that intelligence would be it would be shared amongst them. And yeah, know, I'm guessing there was probably a tiered system here where Britain and Sweden and Switzerland, they got some of it. But do you think that Israel, you know, maybe got a little bit more than these other countries, maybe had some higher level access privilege than these others? Yeah, yeah. And it's again, this is all diplomatic cables, all encrypted diplomatic cables going back to the 60s, actually going back to the 50s. But all digital cable since the 60s were able to be intercepted by Israel with the assistance of the U.S. NSA.

And if you go all the way back actually to the 1930s and look at William Friedman, the guy who was picked to lead this, who he was the leader of the U.S. Army Signals Intelligence Service in the mid 1930s.

This would have been in in massive Jewish building of power structure under FDR. And look at the members of his team from the 1930s. You have Solomon Cole back. You have Harold Miller. You have Abraham Sinc of these are all like very small team on the U.S. Army signal intelligence service. Essentially just spying on Hitler is what the should've been called, like listening in on an Uncle Adolph.

And, you know, this is the guy that was picked. And it's kind of funny that, you know, they're all these, of course, in an operation like this.

There are all these, you know, executives that have to run the company because in partnership with the Germans, the BND, which is the German equivalent of of the CIA, FBI spy, more like the CIA, they would make a lot of money off of selling these products to countries. One hundred and twenty one countries all over the world. And they would split the money and then take that money. A lot of profit. It was a very profitable operation, of course. And then put that into whatever the hell they want. So CIA is profiting off this, I don't know, giving money to the ADL. Who knows what they fucking did, but it was obviously a Jewish operation. They call it operation the saurus. Then it was called Operation Rubicon, which is kind of funny that they call it Operation Rubicon. Rubicon. Obviously a river in Italy. It's when it's crossed. Everybody knows the the saying crossing the Rubicon operation Rubicon was intended to make sure that nobody ever crossed their Rubicon and nobody ever came and infringed on their new empire that they were building up, which is greater Israel plan with us, as is the big bully. They wanted to make sure that none of that ever happened. What's interesting about this is you have all these executives that were managing this, making the money and running the operations, the guys that claim they didn't do nothing about it. After all, all of it was found out about. What I found interesting is only one of those executives, this guy by the name of Wagner. He had the hat. He would always ask for increases in pay. He's a goy, right? Like he. He. And there's nothing wrong with that. Like he he wanted he wasn't ideologically invested in this. In the article, they say they didn't actually have to pay the other executives to to keep their mouths shut or keep things under wraps or to go along with the plan because they were, quote, all ideologically invested in what they were doing. Only one guy Wagner wanted.

They had to keep paying him more and more and more money because he really wasn't any illogically invested. And then he asked for like a medal from the CIA.

And what's funny about this article kind of split, right, is in The Washington Post, it says that they tried to get in touch with Wagner and they can't even confirm if Wagner is still alive. Like, that's just all it says in the article. We don't even know if Wagner is still alive, but we couldn't get in contact with them, couldn't confirm that he's still living. It's like this is a guy that ran a major company. Least ostensibly, that was a major company that was successful at selling cryptology and whatnot. But they can't even confirm that he's alive. And then they wanted, as hegland got into his 80s, some more history here. As hegland got into his 80s, the NSA and the FBI were sort of wondering like, what are we gonna do with this guy? Right. Like, this is the guy. This is the brain child of this operation. He's got all these papers in his office that we don't know what to do with. They sent they sent a guy over at his office and they told everyone who wasn't in the know about this operation that they were sending over his historian to write this guy's biography. But what he was really doing was going through all of Hoagland's papers to make sure that there was nothing incriminating about anything that they were doing and they wanted to get hegland out. Right. They wanted to buy him out. But hegland hegland planned on handing the company off to his. What is it, brother? Bo hegland. Is it a brother or son or something? I can't remember. It's it's somebody. It's an heir to the company. hegland wanted to hand it off. Right. Oh, God, nepotism. We should make nepotism great again, by the way. Had this as a passing thought today. Nope. There's nothing wrong with nepotism. Nepotism is a good thing. That's why we should be doing. But hegland wanted to naturally hand this off to a former family heir, and the CIA had identified this Bo hegland as a as a wild card, somebody that they couldn't trust and couldn't control, whatever.

And then it just says in the Washington Post, Bo hegland mysteriously died in an auto accident on the Washington Capital Beltway. And no, no foul play was suspected to have been involved, period.

Next paragraph. So it's like a maze. Just amazing. And again. hegland.

Interesting background, don't really know what his background really is. But the bottom line is they wanted somebody that they could trust to hand this off when this was still a viable operation.

I just thought it sounded hilarious. It's like all these engineers they had to pay. There was a guy who found out about these vulnerabilities who wasn't too happy about it. Was this the guy that traveled to Iran to try to fix things?

Yeah, this was the the well-meaning, well-meaning Irishman who we're all a company who was like, oh, my God, I've stumbled upon these vulnerabilities. And he flies out on his own dime over to over to the countries that there's one country to to fix these vulnerabilities. And then he gets the gets the call. It's like or what are you doing?

You need to come back. That's not to mess with.

I'm just in good faith solving the mathematical errors that I found in this long algorithm. And I want to make good for our customers. And I'm serving the customer. It's like, shut the fuck up. Get on a plane. Get back home. But yeah, this guy. They I guess he became a problem.

He was like, why do you guys have all these vulnerabilities? I mean, we're oversimplifying it. But he basically was like, what the hell is going on here? Why he got all these vulnerabilities. And one of the executives tasked with managing the company fired the guy. And, you know, the Jews running the operation will go, oh, who will let you fire this guy? So once you do, you'll fire the guy. If he has a problem, you pay him. You give him money. You give him more money. Make him shut the fuck up. Keep him on the payroll.

And this guy apparently participated in a documentary as one of those like blurred faces with the the fucked up boys. The background confirmed later, but he would not respond to the investigation for this article. But what's funny and we didn't have a chance to do this because there was kind of spur of the moment. But I would like to actually go back and look at the things now that we know what we know, the things that Edward Snowden confirmed or said that the United States tried to play off as bullshit. Is it now confirmed based on this information? I don't know that anybody's corroborated that. That would be interesting to find out. But yeah, this this this whole thing is just incredible. And it would what it means, though, is that the United States is now operating in the dark. Of course, this isn't their only method of getting intelligence sun on what people are saying. But when you go from essentially being able to read everybody's text messages to not, that's a problem. If you're running a thing called Operation Rubicon and trying to run this massive global empire where everybody lives in fear.

Right. Right. Exactly. And this became untenable starting in the 2010s and knowing what we know now about Israeli spy tech and a national initiative launched in Israel in 2012. The timing makes perfect sense because they knew the efficacy of this program was on the decline. They knew that they were not getting his watch intelligence as they used to be able to out of the crypto HQ programs. They they were planning on winding this down. And it just so happens, it's just a miracle, a miracle of history that at the same time, within just a few years, that Israel begins launching massive billions of dollars of investment into encryption, breaking technology into remote remote takeover technology of not only cell phones, but Internet of things, and go back and listen to our Israeli spy tech deep dives where we cover this in great depth. And this was all this became an initiative out of Israel in 2012, just what, the same year that the Snowden revelations came out or within the year of the Snowden revelations breaking within a year of Julian Assange releasing his documents? Yeah, this is this is a timing. That is all really. These things are related.

Yeah. Well, and you know, to the extent that crypto AIG and its new sort of antecedence, I suppose, have come up with just basically sit there parked and listen to any other communications come in. Do you think that I mean, maybe there were as we were joking before, maybe there are some countries that aren't going to read this and not realize and keep on typing away.

But this is a watershed moment for the rest of that operation that they thought, OK, well, you know, most of this has been made obsolete by, you know, new software and new technology. But that's fine. Not everybody realizes that we're just gonna keep gathering Intel. Well, now, Irving knows that this was all a sham and people are gonna start comparing notes and what it does and circling back on something I was saying before, it's like this is not going to result in a worldwide revolt against the United States, but it is going to erode the United States's ability to muscle people and screw people over. And look, I'm an American. I love my country such that it was not what it is today, not what it has become. But I don't think that we should be doing what we're doing on foreign policy.

I disagree with virtually everything that we do in the means by which we go about it. And I don't think there is any level headed American except some sort of like pro-Israel, like Zions Shill Boomer who would be okay with this, the people working on this stuff. We're not even OK with it. They had to be paid off in order to shut the fuck up. And yeah, I mean, it's it's not it's not pleasant business. And in for what? Like our freedoms and liberties that we don't actually really even have. If you try to exercise them, you don't really even have them so well.

Yeah. And in Saudi Arabia being the biggest client of crypto agey technology. Who was involved in the planning of the 9/11 attacks? Where did that come from? Were those communications so subject to the surveillance? We'd have to assume so. Right. These were these were you know, if this attack did come out of Saudi Arabia.

Was the CIA given advance notice of the 9/11 attacks or the first World Trade Center bombing or name your attack that killed Americans?

The CIA had advance notice of the night. Well, attacks. I can assure you of that.

Well, I know, but the point being that these are questions that that Americans need to be asking about their government.

You know, not only undermines the legitimacy of the system overseas, as we're seeing, you know, these these papers coming out of South American countries that were targeted by these programs.

But this should undermine the the legitimacy and the rationale for this all encompassing surveillance. Police state not to sound like a libertarian, but this this surveillance state that has been set up to look not at the people that we need to be looking at, the real, you know, those that are really doing harm to this country and its people.

But set up to spy on you, set up a spy and to gather intelligence on you. If this apparatus, which we know now for a fact, as confirmed by the CIA, was intercepting foreign encrypted communication from Saudi Arabia. OK, where were they to stop 9/11? You know what? It's a very simple question that they can't answer.

Well, I mean, if you if you if you have the blue pill, take, though, that like Saudi Arabia planned 9/11. I mean, that's that's the that's the that's the what they're trying to hang it on. But I mean, people asking questions about any of these things are right to ask.

And as time goes on, the United States is not going to get away with as much of the goodwill that they've had in the past.

And in it's doubly true when it's places like Germany that was being spied on. Germany eventually got out of this. By the way, that's one part of the story we didn't say. Germany eventually in the 1990s said, you know what, fuck it. I'm done.

I'm done. I've had enough of this. And the Americans, they sort of make it seem like, oh, yeah, Germany was just too interested in making money off of this. They weren't really invested. Well, because maybe because Germany got sucked in so many different ways and wasn't really interested in your Jewish paranoid tricks, which is what this was. This is the height like when you read this story. And it's long, but I highly suggest people do. It's very eye-opening. Definitely want to go check it out. What is the name of the article? Yeah. Washington Post. How the CIA you a pretty, pretty straightforward title here. How the CIA used crypto A-G encryption devices to spy on countries for decades yet. You know, that's a that's a that's a straightforward article headline. They just tell it all like it is. And that's exactly what it is. And it just reeks.

The thing that I kept coming back to is reading the article and I read it again was like, this is just absolute mind boggling levels of paranoia. But this is what they would do. And then when you look at Pulliam Friedman, you're like, oh, of course.

Look, of all the people involved, it's like, of course it's this Krey. And if they're doing this, what else do you think they're doing?

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