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Hola America! Russian Airborne to Train in Nicaragua Next Year

Russia already supplies the Nicaraguan military with rifles, tanks, boats and aircraft. Nicaragua in turn hosts a Russian GLONASS satellite base and has joined Russia in recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. The countries have also previously staged joint naval drills. 

They want to get cozier still so the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced this week that Russia's airborne troops will next year train in Armenia, Belarus and Nicaragua!

Up to one thousand luckiest members of the closest thing Russia has to a cult (let's be honest Russia's airborne corps is an undisguised cult to god Mars) will be traveling next year to the land of sunshine, bananas and Sandinistas.

As in Cuba before the sun-starved Soviet boot will be once more stomping on the old plantation grounds of United Fruit Company. Let's just hope neocons don't have a cow! 

For the end we'll leave you with some Russian airborne (VDV) theatrics from sunny Bosnia:

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