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Hitler's Germany: Historic Mass Murder With a Pinch of Democracy

You definitely want your untermenschen mass murder with a little bit of democracy

A curious article reproduced the other day: Hitler's Germany: More Democratic Than Modern-Day Europe. The argument? The Nazi German government won support for its policies at popular referenda in a way the EU often seems unable to.

Yeah, and so what?

Here is one other thing the EU hasn't done: The EU has not yet invaded Russia with a plan to in the first winter starve to death 30 million Soviet city dwellers to secure huge food surpluses for the planned rapid growth of German Aryans, and then in the next stage as German settlers became available expel a further 100 million rural East Slavs into Siberia to again die in the tens of millions.

As it was the USSR refused to fold after 11 weeks as the Nazis anticipated, and eventually came on top thwarting much of the Nazi planning for the post-war, but not before over 15 million Soviet civilians and soldiers who had already been disarmed perished at German hands mostly by starvation as was the plan.

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Okay, but Hitler's Germany was more democratic. 

Okay, but unless the point is that the EU is so undemocratic that even Nazi Germany edges it out (and that clearly isn't the point of the text which is about the Third Reich, not about the EU) then why are we even talking about this? Who cares if Hitler's Germany was more democratic than the EU or less so?

The EU isn't particularly democratic, so edging it out in democracy-levels isn't any great accomplishment. Democracy also isn't a moral category. A homicidal mass government isn't superior to one that is undemocratic but limited. Finally even if democracy was a moral category, the supposed greater levels of it in Nazi Germany wouldn't make up for the tiny little matter of the 20 million murdered by it.

Saying that Hitler's Germany was more democratic than modern-day Europe is a little bit like saying the Nazis had fashion sense, or were good for trains (they weren't). At best it's a piece of inconsequential historical trivia, at worst -- well that depends on why you're bringing it up.

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