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Hitler Revealed How Today's Elites Castrate and Control Conservatives (Strike & Mike Podcast + Transcript)

Conservatives have become so spineless that they are effectively just Liberals who show up about 5 years late to whatever new "progressive" crusade they decide to embark on. Mark my words, within 10 years Republican candidates will celebrate the bravery of transgender children. 

This isn't a coincidence, it is a long-established strategy of the subversive Left that Adolf Hitler exposed 95 years ago.

The guys at the Strike and Mike Podcast lay it out in this audio clip. We highly recommend getting behind their paywall and listening to the full version.

Transcript follows below.

About the Strike and Mike and TRS podcasts:

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Hosted by the prolific Eric Striker (editor of the excellent National Justice investigative news site, and a regular contributor to the Unz Review) and alt-media heavyweight Mike Enoch. The two have great chemistry, wrapping brilliant hard news and historical analysis in abrasive humor.

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What I was talking to you about the other day, Mike, urban whites, urban ethnic whites and rural whites need to get together and ignore the sensibilities of bourgeois upper middle class suburban whites. OK. Because that is a Republican coalition. And it's not working. It's not working. OK. Urban whites have a very different experience and rural whites have a very different experience. And frankly, they have more testosterone. They have more testosterone. They have stronger communities. If you live in a suburb, you probably atomized. You don't have you don't know who lives on your own street. You don't even know your name. Everyone else in the homeo, you know who each other was trying to appeal to win over the Bourgois. You get Bourgois. He does not want to fight. They do not want to fight. I believe Hitler says that in Mein Kampf as well. Oh yeah. He says that bourgeois parties have absolutely no will. They have no will to fight. You need to get your audience there in some urban white little pockets of Philly, in Queens and fuck it all over the country. Go to those pockets. Those are the whites that you want to fight. And they don't give a flying fuck about how it looks or what the neighbors are gonna think or whether the media calls them. They don't give a fuck because they understand what the stakes are.

Yeah, because I mean, it is funny reading Mein Kampf, how how much of it just supplies and just like slightly different shuffled circumstances put like the basic lessons apply. And he talks about like the tactics of what, social social democracy. But then he realized, of course, oh, these people are these people are Jews, the ones that are doing it. That's that's sort of when that realization hits some these acquires everything. These people saying like subversive and disgusting and like tearing everything down. They're supposed to be fighting for workers, but all they're doing is like tearing down everything decent.

And that's what a leftist I know who's reading Mein Kampf right now I'm really impressed by was telling me this person was telling me that they were impressed because they were saying, like, you know, Hitler talks about how they exploit people's egalitarian instincts and use it for a subversive cause, like an anti soap. Not subversive necessarily, but like a a more accurate word would be anti-social. They they they use people's goodwill, good instincts for really destructive shit that hurts the very people.

They also would be surprised to learn from reading it that Hitler has a great deal of sympathy. Now, he's not he doesn't hide how sort of degraded certain elements of the working the laboring class in Vienna are. He is open up front about how degenerate they've become. But he says, you know, these are there. Again, it's a very leftist thing, he says a product of their conditions. And he's like, we have to improve their conditions. But, you know, the current easily the bourgeoisie party. And he blames the bourgeoisie parties, which but we can understand that as conservatives, we democratically, mostly conservatives. Yeah, right. We can translate his what he calls bourgeoisie to be like the Conservative Party.

He's like they need to not ignore the social problem, because if they do it, these Jews that are pretending to care are going to destroy them. And, of course, you know, he's totally right. And then, you know, it's really funny how he also says this. This is great.

So I'm actually read this. This is chapter two under the subheading Social Democratic tactics. He says, In less than two years, I gained a clear understanding of the doctrine and operational technique of social democracy. Now, that's not social democracy as such. That is the Jewish party leaders, Social Democratic Party and the Jewish social democratic press. You're not talking about like the idea of social democracy itself. I recognize the infamous mental terrorism carried out against the bourgeoisie. By that, you can read conservatives who are neither morally nor spiritual equipped to withstand such attacks. The tactics of social democracy consisted in opening at a given signal, a veritable onslaught of lies and slanders against the man whom they viewed as their strongest adversary until his nerves gave way. And they sacrificed the man who was attacked simply in the hope of being allowed to live in peace. But the fools never attained peace. The same tactics are repeated again and again until the fear of those mad dogs paralyzes their victims. Thus, it's social democracy learned the value of strength, and for that reason, it attacks mostly those who are all the stronger nature, which is rare indeed. On the other hand, it praises every weakling among it, more or less cautiously, according to the measure of his mental qualities. They have less fear of a man of genius who lacks willpower than a vigorous character with mediocre intelligence.

So, yeah, think about that for a second. Conservatives, drugs. It's your drugs. All this has happened before.

It's the same thing. I mean, think about I mean, I was reading that I was like spankin the dispersals a much better translation than the one I read before, which is somewhat confusing. It can actually put you to sleep because it's a little bit harder to follow the language. And so you find yourself having done dumb thing all I read it two pages. I don't know what I read. I just kind of, you know, that kind of thing. But this one is engaging his guy.

Really Thomastown really translated it for a American reader of today. It's good. I recommend people get it or find it online or somewhere. That's a good translation. And you really kind of. You get it much better. Also, maybe I'm just in the mindset to read it more than when I just saw it as a task, to read it like, you know, several years ago. But so, you know, it really is true that this is what they do. They praise the weak and the strong people. They viciously of a viciously attack until until until the conservatives themselves won't side with their own strong people by people, you know, and that that would be like us or other examples of some some examples that have cropped up here and there.

And then those people are like. All right. Well, this same word.

And then, you know, the then they say, oh, but this guy is great. So good. Like John McCain right now. Yeah. Like, that's the kind of thing they're talking about. So base. Right. Shore. That's sad. So so I thought, well, these these bourgeois conservatives are like want I remember, you know, how people would complain and some of the boomer boomer baat. Conservatives complain about how like rhinos. Like rhinos. The Republicans that want the approval of Democrats. What they mean by that is the approval of the press. And the press is controlled by Jews. I mean, this is some missing oval's and. But they understate. See the kind of the same phenomena happening Republicans are. Oh, it's not liberals and Democrats. It's the Jewish press that they're competing for the favor of.

And so in order to do that, you have when get the approval of the Jewish press, you also have the purse strings.

Loosen up and you get more donations, you get more donors get more warm, you get a lead to being, you know, weak and not not actually stick up for anything.

We look at Ted Cruz. I mean, I was shocked that Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, your guys that were seen as they weren't seen as rhinos. Yeah. They're like the stronger types. Yeah. Those guys now sound exactly like blue haired SJW.

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