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Hit’em Fast and Hit’em Hard: Russia and Syria Pounding Terrorists Together

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russian military operations in Syria continue to assure success for Syrian ground troop operations. The intensity of bombing runs in such a short period demonstrate Moscow’s firm intent in helping Damascus pursue a military victory on the battlefield, knowing full well that the west cannot accomplish this using their jihadi proxy.

Victory on the ground is achievable and Putin surely knows this. Actions not limited to diplomacy, even though the Kremlin has been patiently working on this since 2012.

<figcaption> Syrian MiG-29 escorts Russian SU-25</figcaption>
Syrian MiG-29 escorts Russian SU-25

The concept of shutting down the Syrian war in a short period of time is affirmed by the number of military sorties reported by Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy, head of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff - Main Operations Headquarters.

"Since September 30, 2015, the Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out 5,662 sorties, including 145 sorties carried out by missile-carrying strategic aircraft and long-range bombers, 97 launches of cruise missiles both sea and land based have been carried out,"

Cooperation between the Syrian Arab Military and Russian forces is integrating even further. After T-90 tanks were provided to ground forces, Syrian MiG-29 escorted Russian SU-25 in the skies on their first joint combat mission Thursday. The Russian Interior Ministry confirmed the operations, stating that Syrian pilots had been previously briefed on the details of the mission at the Russian air base.

Russian planes taking off from the Hemeimeem air base and joined in flight by two MiG-29. (Video)

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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