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Finding the Dead and Raising up Tanks in Commemoration of WWII

Volunteers who are searching for and reburying the fallen soldiers restored a WWII-era tank

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This article originally appeared at Russia & India Report

Pskov was one of the first Russian cities to be struck by World War II. From the early months of the war till July 1944, the Pskov region was occupied by German troops, and it became a common grave for thousands of soldiers. Many have yet to be identified or even found.

<figcaption>Alexander Konovalov, head of "Rearguard" restoration workshop</figcaption>
Alexander Konovalov, head of "Rearguard" restoration workshop

Today, volunteers from the Rearguard society for military history and restoration in Pskov are trying to bring the memory of the war back to life by searching for and reburying the fallen soldiers as well as restoring WWII military equipment, which they find in the Pskov region and all across the country.

"This tank here is a T-70M. This one fought in the Rostov region, but in fact It was assembled out of 3-5 tanks. It takes more than a year to restore one vehicle. Sometimes it goes beyond the Pskov region — other places are involved," says Alexander Konovalov, the head of reatoration group.

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MORE: Society

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