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Prophetic: Famous Author Eduard Limonov Predicts Ukraine Disaster 24 Years Ago (Video - 1 min)

He totally nails it, grisly war crimes and all.

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In the beginning of the 1990s, at one of the protests concerning Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet, Eduard Limonov, a controversial Russian writer and political dissident, made a shocking prophecy that unfortunately came true.

He predicted that tensions concerning discrimination of 12 million Russians living in Ukraine, Crimea, Russian Black Sea Fleet, Donbas, and Kharkov will eventually lead to a major conflict in Ukraine.

<figcaption>Hey Russians, I told you so... </figcaption>
Hey Russians, I told you so...

Limonov is a quite eccentric character and an equally controversial figure in Russian public life. He went from being an underground poet and Soviet dissident to being a well-known writer, former leader of banned National Bolshevik Party, editor of newspaper Limonka, and leader of opposition party The Other Russia.

His correct comparison between Ukraine and Yugoslavia was also analyzed in my article Eight reasons why Ukraine is new Yugoslavia.

Have a look at his remarkable prediction that was ignored by Yeltin's establishment.

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MORE: History

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