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Post-War Berlin, the Summer of 1945

Film footage shot just months after Germany's surrender in 1945

This article from our archives was first published on RI in May 2015

This article originally appeared at New Cold

Unique film footage of how Berlin looked and how it was returning to life after war in the summer of 1945 has recently been posted to ‘Berlin Channel’ on YouTube. The film footage was shot only months after the capitulation of Nazi Germany on May 9, 1945.

<figcaption>Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and surrounding ruins in Berlin in summer 1945</figcaption>
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and surrounding ruins in Berlin in summer 1945

Pictured in the seven-minute video is the awful damage to Berlin caused by the crazed, last-ditch resistance by the doomed Nazi regime to the approaching armies of the Soviet Union.

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Yes, that’s correct, mainstream media. Contrary to what many of you report, the battles which decided the outcome of World War Two were not fought in western Europe. No, they were fought on the territories of the Soviet Union and other countries of eastern Europe. Eighty per cent of the civilian and military casualties of World War Two in Europe were suffered there. In the end, it was the Soviet army that liberated Berlin, the seat of Nazi power.

All of this is worth recalling as, unbelievably, war returned last year to the hallowed fields of eastern Ukraine. This present war is aided and abetted by the same NATO imperialist countries that quietly watched–some even cheered–some 85 years ago as the Nazis brutally rose to power in Germany in 1933 and then set out on a path of European conquest. 

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