Nostalgic Photos of Moscow in the 1950s. Zero Traffic!

Maybe the world was a better place when cars were the exception, not the rule

This article from our archives was first published on RI in September 2014
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This article originally appeared at English Russia

Some photos of an old, still green Moscow. Taken approximately in the 1950s you can see how things were going then on this virtual tour of Moscow's past. Let's see! The first photo shows a Taxi company's parking lot.

And here it is continued with taxis being repaired and checked.

And this is a public bus station.

Yaroslavl highway. Look - no cars!

Leninski ave. Not much cars too.

Tverskaia street with a lot of greens, totally missing this now.

This big building on the left is now a State Duma or Parliament and no green trees now around!

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