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Excellent New Must-See Russian Documentary Gives Russian View of Crimea Events (English Subs)

  • Extremely well made, very convincing.  Think you know what went down in Crimea?  Think again.  
  • Want to understand how the Russians see the Crimea crisis?  Watch it.
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This article originally appeared at Signs of the Times news website (SOTT).

This is Andrey Kondrashov’s documentary on the return of Crimea to Russia, aired in Russia on March 15, and now available with English subtitles. It has been a year since Crimeans took to the polls to vote for returning to their Motherland and leaving wretched Ukraine behind. The Western powers — led, as ever, by the US and UK — are determined to portray this momentous, historic event as an imperial land-grab by Russia and as causing the subsequent civil war between Kiev and the breakaway provinces in the country’s East. 

However, as this excellent documentary shows, the Russian government could see that the violent manner in which the elected Ukrainian leader Yanukovich had been ousted from power — with American fingerprints all over the coup — meant chaos would soon spread throughout Ukraine, and that the majority ethnic Russian population in Crimea would be among the worst-hit by neo-Nazi militias terrorizing anyone whom they considered ‘insufficiently loyal’ to the US-selected regime. When President Yanukovich fled the capital on 22 February 2014, President Putin set in motion a series of responses that would present the first real (and successful) challenge to American imperial hegemony.

<figcaption>Must-watch documentary</figcaption>
Must-watch documentary

In this must-watch documentary, youll learn:

  • how Russia saved President Yanukovich of Ukraine
  • how Crimeans returning from the revolution in Kiev tasted the rage of the Right Sektor ‘Maidan orcs’
  • how members of the Berkut police force escaped to Crimea and helped set up people’s militias to defend the peninsula, not least by preventing Kiev military jets from landing at Sevastopol’s airport
  • how these civilian militias defended against an organized takeover of the Crimean Parliament in Sevastopol
  • that most Crimean Tatars sided with the ethnic Russian population, despite efforts by the coup organizers to generate an ethnic split between them
  • how the militias came together to blockade repeated efforts by the Maidan orcs’ (Right Sektor fascists) to enter the peninsula — by road, train and air
  • how the Crimean Referendum was enacted following near-unanimous support from the peoples representatives in the Crimean Parliament
  • how Berkut forces were joined by Kuban Cossacks from across the Black Sea region, including veterans of Russias Afghan War, to defend Crimea from efforts by the new regime to send in weapons and explosives
  • how, having prevented Kiev from deploying Maidan orcs via air, rail and road, Russias Black Sea Fleet blockaded the Ukrainian navy from leaving its home port
  • how the Russian military placed the brand new Coastal Defense System Bastion-P at locations along Crimeas southern coast. Once activated, the approaching USS Donald Cook Destroyer turned around at full-speed before Russian military jets chased the American warship south
  • how the Night Wolves biker gang joined in the defense of Crimea in Yalta by kidnapping Ukrainian General Mikhail Koval and uncovering weapons caches left by the Ukies prior to the coup
  • how the Crimean citizen militias and Russian soldiers stationed in Sevastopol peacefully neutralized 20,000 Ukrainian forces stationed on the peninsula, many of whom then defected to Russia




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