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Europeans: the Most Brutal Mass Murderers of All Time?

“It is true that the “new Europe” has largely kept itself in check over the past few decades choosing peace and prosperity over war. But is that about to change? Is “Western Christian” Europe backsliding and reverting to her old ways?”

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is Professor of Humanities – Moscow University Touro.

Let us begin with the spiritual words uttered by the 16th century German preacher and theologian Thomas Muentzer:

"Curse the unbelievers ... don't let them live any longer, the evil-doers who turn away from God. The sword is necessary to exterminate them ... if they resist let them be slaughtered without mercy ... don't be moved by pity ... At them! At them! While the fire is hot! Don't let your sword get cold! “

 Sound familiar?

Many will complain that the comparison is unfair, but history teaches us to be very wary of  Europeans. Here’s why…

-“Christian “ Europeans executed perhaps as many as half a million “witches” from the 14th century until 1650. 85% of the victims were women.

-“Christian” Europeans committed genocide against millions of native American Indians from the 15th century all the way up to the middle of the 19th. Estimates range from 15 to 50 million.

-“Christian” Europeans gave us the freedom-crushing 20th century political ideology called “Fascism”. This monstrous authoritarian and racist movement led to as many as 40 million deaths including six million Jews in the well-documented “holocaust” and 26 million Soviet citizens.

-“Christian” Europeans – in this case the Brits- attempted genocide against the citizens of India, killing perhaps as many as 20-40 million people.  The legendary racist Winston Churchill alone was responsible for six million Indian deaths during WWII.

- “Christian” Europeans started the slave trade from Africa to America. 10 million may have died as a direct result of the Atlantic slave trade. Those who survived the perilous journey were sold into abject slavery at the hands of “Christian” Europeans living in America’s old South.

-“Christian” Europeans enthusiastically waged war and terrorism against non-believers in six Crusades throughout the Middle-East over a 200 year period. Because few records were kept of the battle fatalities no one knows the exact figure of victims. Some say one million; others 7 million.

It is true that the “new Europe” has largely kept itself in check over the past few decades choosing peace and prosperity over war. But is that about to change? Is “Christian” Europe backsliding and reverting to her old ways? Was the recent rape of Libya, perhaps, a foreshadowing of darker days ahead? Could the old Europe soon return and bring about massive death and destruction even more gruesome and on an even greater scale than its previous crimes against humanity?

Consider the dilemma of the current Russian government as it watches on nervously while European military forces under the direction of NATO encroach upon Russian territory year after year. Think about the trepidation of the war planners as they try to defend themselves from a European military alliance that spends 10 times more than the Russians - approaching its borders from three sides. A daunting task.  

The track record of “Christian” Europe is obviously not terribly good – to say the least. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself. For it would do so for the very last time.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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